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Optimise Your Daily Operations with Fleet Video and Vehicle Tracking

Operations managers gain valuable real-time insights to improve routes, fulfill appointments, and satisfy customers.

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Take control of every field vehicle and use data to make better decisions that boost profits.

Combining GPS tracking and video in one easy-to-use fleet management solution.


Get real-time insights to on-site details to improve your day-to-day operations.

Operations managers are increasingly using GPS fleet tracking and video telematics for insights. SureCam offers new possibilities for your team and how you use them.

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Bundled Monthly Subscription

Our bundled monthly subscription includes dash cameras, GPS fleet tracking software, and cellular data fees, all in one cost-effective package. You can start managing your assets without the need for upfront purchases of camera or GPS tracker devices, saving you money and helping you achieve a better return on investment.

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Risk-Free Lifetime Warranty

With our risk-free perpetual warranty, you can avoid the hassle of replacing outdated dash cams and GPS fleet tracking equipment. Your SureCam devices are covered under warranty for the entire duration of your subscription. We'll handle the technology so you can stay up-to-date effortlessly.

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Live Customer Support

Receive answers to your questions through your preferred communication channel, whether it's phone, email, or text. Our fast and personalised customer support is a core part of our service, and we focus on providing solutions tailored to your specific needs and inquiries.

How does fleet video with GPS tracking help operations managers level-up their fleets?

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Exceeding Customer Expectations

In today's fast-paced world, customers want quick and dependable service. GPS fleet tracking systems help by providing accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs), keeping customers informed and satisfied. By knowing exactly where your vehicles are and how long they'll take to reach their destination, you can plan optimal routes and ensure timely deliveries.

Monitor Job Site Activity

SureCam's connected dash cams capture footage of your drivers at work, allowing you to monitor job site activity. This footage verifies completed work, resolves disputes, and identifies areas for improvement. Operations managers now have visual data to support their employees or take corrective action when needed.


Fleet Video Utility Companies


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Offering Real-Time Support

GPS fleet tracking software provides real-time support to your workers when they need it most. With SureCam Live Check, you can give them visibility into challenging entrances and job sites, helping fleet vehicles navigate these areas safely and complete jobs more efficiently.

Geofence for Visibility

Geofencing technology lets you set virtual boundaries and location tracking around specific areas like job sites. This feature tracks when your vehicles enter and exit these zones, giving you a clear view of their activities. GPS trackers help you manage your fleet better, optimizing routes and schedules.

SureCam Geofencing


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Reducing Fuel Costs 

Fuel consumption is a significant expense for fleets, and idling can waste fuel over time. GPS tracking devices monitor idling duration, allowing you to take steps to reduce it and save on fuel costs.

Enhancing Accountability

Operations managers need to know the whereabouts and activities of their vehicles. Dash cams provide this oversight, ensuring the safety of people and property through video evidence.



Driver Coaching


Promoting Safe Driving

Harsh driving, like speeding and sudden braking, poses risks and increases vehicle wear and tear. Fleet tracking technology monitors driver behavior and promotes safety through coaching and feedback, making roads safer and extending vehicle life.

Choose the Right Dash Cam for Your Fleet

Have questions? We’ve got answers.


Our Buyer’s Guide has answers to all your FAQs, like:

  • What type of camera do I need?
  • What video and tracking features will work best for my fleet?
  • How can I achieve driver buy-in?
  • How much do network-connected dash cams with GPS tracking cost?

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Easy to use, affordable vehicle camera system. The system is a great tool for coaching drivers into better driving behavior. It is easy to use and very affordable for the amount of product you get.
James Pessolano
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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We have loved our SureCam dash cam with GPS. The price point is great … I don't spend much time analyzing the data - the reports I need and want come automatically. I really do love this product.
Kate Smith Walton
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SureCam - fast, affordable and great service! Surecam is the single best safety feature that we have added to our trucks.
Matt Jacobson
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