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Fleet Tracking & Dash Cams for HVAC Companies

Experience peace of mind with GPS fleet tracking and video as your team travels from site to site, delivering exceptional service.

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Fleet Dash Cams with GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

What Can SureCam Do for Your Commercial or Residential HVAC Company?


The Solution for Effective HVAC Fleet Management

SureCam’s integrated GPS and dash cam system is a critical tool for HVAC companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles for their day-to-day operations. Get in touch with us to arrange your complimentary demo and discover how we can enhance your fleet management strategies.

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Choosing the Best GPS Dash Cam for Your HVAC Business

Most Popular: Road-facing-only option


SureCam's front-facing-only camera is a cost-effective and straightforward solution for heating and cooling businesses. Offering a basic front view, it's a budget-friendly way to manage road liabilities. While additional camera angles can be beneficial for HVAC services, a front-facing cam adequately handles proof of liability in various incidents, including front, rear, and side collisions. SureCam even allows fleet managers to add more camera views later as their business requirements change.


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Runner Up: Road-facing plus exterior-, rear-, or side-mounted view


SureCam's combination of front-facing and either exterior, rear, or side-mounted cameras provides extra oversight of your HVAC equipment in real-time. The external camera is weatherproof with an IP69 rating, ensuring it withstands rain, snow, and heat during travel to job sites. Its night vision feature is also excellent, offering clear visibility during early mornings, late evenings, and overnight emergency calls.


Learn More About Front & Rear Dashcams

Benefits of Video and GPS Monitoring for HVAC Businesses

Small accidents and operational delays can rapidly become expensive for your HVAC business, both in time and money. SureCam offers a solution to help your HVAC company run its fleet more efficiently and effectively.

HVAC technicians typically aren’t trained drivers, and accidents are par for the course when it comes to running a fleet of vehicles. Many HVAC companies don't have clear safety programmes, resulting in injuries and costly repairs for their fleet vehicles.

By using SureCam's GPS and dash cam technology, you can enhance safety, reduce incidents, and save money on repairs and insurance deductibles efficiently and quickly.

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The number of locations HVAC businesses can service each day directly influences their income. But, without a system offering insight into field operations—tracking where vehicles and staff are at any moment—managers must rely on a first-come, first-served approach for dispatching.

SureCam's integrated GPS and dash cam system enables teams to reach customer sites promptly and when needed, by using the most efficient routes for their upcoming jobs and adhering to priority-based schedules.

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You can’t plan for accidents, but you can plan ahead. With SureCam, you have instant evidence of incidents at your fingertips. SureCam's mix of GPS technology and dash cam footage offers valuable context, significantly cutting down the time needed for managing claims. This helps clear your company of liability in cases where a third party is responsible, allowing you to focus on your business instead of insurance claims.

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Liability claims are increasingly common, so safeguarding your business and HVAC teams against unjustified claims is crucial.

SureCam's system offers video proof for incidents, helping you defend your business against false claims and save money. Dash cams are key in demonstrating your worker's careful driving or in providing clear footage of an incident to understand what happened, offering vital context for your protection.

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We live in a time when liability claims are on the rise. Protecting your business and HVAC teams from false or unwarranted liability claims is a must.

SureCam’s solution ensures that you have video evidence in the event of an incident so that you can protect your business from fraudulent claims and ultimately save money. Whether it’s proving defensive driving on the part of your worker or showing a clear video of an incident to determine the sequence of events, dash cams provide essential context that keeps you safe.

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Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Your HVAC Company:

  • Reduce claims and boost productivity
  • Cut fuel expenses caused by idling, speeding, and rough driving
  • Improve efficiency with service hours reporting
  • Generate precise payroll reports and cut down on overheads
  • Decrease maintenance expenses
  • Offer customers evidence of service
  • Finish more service jobs to boost profits
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third-party claims
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team productivity
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improved gas mileage
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The #1 Solution for Effective HVAC Fleet Management


SureCam's network-connected cameras, combined with vehicle tracking, enhance fleet management for heating and cooling businesses. It’s an ideal solution for safeguarding your workforce and vehicles while also boosting fleet efficiency.

Inquire today for a complimentary demo and discover why so many HVAC companies rely on SureCam!

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SureCam Fleet Management Software Features

Our software offers simplified video and tracking at your fingertips. With its customizable options and extreme ease-of-use, you get video and tracking insights that really matter.


What's included

  • High Quality Video
  • Self-Service Video Downloads
  • LiveCheck Video
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Geofence Search
  • Geofence Enabled Trip History Search
  • Trip History Logs
  • Driver Safety Scores
  • Geofence Zones
  • Standard Speeding Alerts
  • Advanced Speeding Alerts
  • Standard Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Onboarding Training
  • Live Customer Support
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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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