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Wondering if SureCam is the right fleet video solution for your business?

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Explore Fleet Tracking & Video Options

Considering fleet tracking and video technology for your company vehicles? We help businesses of all sizes run safer and more profitable fleets. Here's how we can assist your evaluation:

  • Build a business case for fleet video
  • Discuss what a typical implementation process entails
  • Explore installation options
  • Get answers to your nuanced questions
  • Set up a free trial
  • Configure an exact quote

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It's Never Been Easier To Transform Your Fleet Operations

Hundreds of businesses use SureCam to:

Get Instant Visibility


Get the full context behind any incident. Only video can do that. Monitor what happens in the name of your business on the road with connected dash cams. 

Reduce Claims Costs

Improve safety, drive down the overall number of incidents, and provide indisputable proof of accident liability to your insurance provider.


Provide Real-time Support

Get instant access to your team’s location and a view of their surroundings to provide remote support in real-time.


Improve Driver Conduct

Track driver behaviors backed by video evidence to improve road safety and promote safe driving through coaching.


Stay on Top of Vehicle Tracking

Know where your vehicle assets are, where they have been, and what happened along the way.

Enhance Customer Service

Leverage fleet video to verify service delivery and investigate customer complaints.


Boost Field Team Productivity

Reliable tracking combined with fleet video helps ensure your team is sticking to their schedule.


Streamline Driver Coaching

Significantly reduce the driver coaching workload with automated coaching escalation and remediation and AI powered dash cameras.


Ready to take your fleet operations to the next level?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to get in touch. SureCam is your partner in fast and easy fleet video and tracking solutions.

Volume Discounts

Do you provide discount pricing for large fleets?

Yes! SureCam has tiered pricing based on both the initial order size and the overall fleet size. A SureCam product specialist will be able to provide you with an exact quote.

Free Trials

Do you provide free trials for SureCam technology?

Yes! Qualified accounts can request to trial our dash cam devices for free. We approach the trial process as if we were onboarding you fully as a customer with installation support and account training. Speak with a SureCam product specialist to see if your business qualifies for a free trial.

Large Scale Implementations

Do you support large scale dash cam implementations?

Yes! If you choose to work with SureCam, we have several processes that help set your large scale implementation up for success, including the ability to accommodate staggered shipping and installation timelines, dedicated installation management, and dedicated account onboarding training and support.

Multiple Locations

Can you support my business if we operate from multiple depot locations?

Absolutely! From installation to account set up to ongoing support, both our technology and our customer success team can handle supporting your business locations as long as they are in our serviceable areas. We support business operations in the United Kingdom and throughout most of Europe.  Speak with a SureCam product specialist to determine how our account coverage aligns with your business practices.

Mix & Match Solutions

Can I mix and match the types of SureCam devices used in my account?

Yes! Choose the camera views that best meet your business needs. This is often determined by the types of vehicles in your fleet. Rest assured knowing that you can view all of your SureCam devices, regardless of their type, within the SureCam platform.

Installation Support

What installation options does SureCam offer?

We have a variety of installation options that range from self-installation all the way to a professional installation service.

Our self-installation options include a three-wire install, OBDII plug-and-play install, and JBus plug-and-play install. 

Our professional installation service leverages our in-house field engineering team of SureCam professional installers to help you accomplish a turnkey implementation of your SureCam devices.

Not sure which option is best for your business? Speak with a SureCam product specialist to weigh your options.