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Fleet Tracking & Dash Cams for Utility Companies

SureCam helps utility fleets manage vehicles on the road, improve dispatching and site visit efficiency—all while protecting your workers from danger and liability.

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Custom Dash Cam Solutions for Utility Companies

What Can SureCam Do for Your Utility Company?


Comprehensive Solutions for Utility Fleet Management

Fleet managers know how critical it is to have a reliable, effective fleet management solution to protect your business—including drivers, vehicles, and equipment.

SureCam regognises every utility company is unique and needs a tailored dash cam solution to fit their specific requirements and budget. Our network-connected dash cams give you the assurance you need, whether you're managing just a few utility vehicles or a vast fleet.

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Choosing the Best GPS Dash Cam for Your Utility Business

Most Popular: Road-facing plus exterior-, rear-, or side-mounted view


SureCam’s most popular utility fleet management software and dash cam solution offers comprehensive visibility over your fleet’s entire operations. This setup includes a forward-facing camera and additional options for rear or side views on utility vehicles, enabling close monitoring of activities around the vehicle. The external cameras are IP68 certified for weatherproofing and offer outstanding night vision. Plus, with GPS tracking for vehicles, businesses can effectively track and evaluate their utility fleet, aiding in smarter decision-making.


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Runner Up: Road-facing-only option


Utility companies face the challenge of ensuring fleet safety and dealing with various liabilities on the road. One of the most expensive issues they encounter are false accident claims. Fortunately, SureCam offers an affordable solution to record road incidents. Our road-facing-only camera gives a straightforward front view, useful for establishing accident liability and safeguarding the company’s interests. This system is also scalable, allowing for the integration of additional cameras if required.


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Benefits of Video and GPS Monitoring for Utility Businesses

More and more utility companies are adding GPS and dash cam technology to their fleets to keep an eye on how their drivers are doing. SureCam dash cams keep track of how drivers act on the road, like speeding, sharp acceleration, and other risky driving moves that can be dangerous. This helps make the company's driver safety program better and reduces the number of incidents.

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By using dash cams and GPS to watch over driver behaviour, businesses can lower risks across their fleets, leading to chances to save costs.

SureCam dash cams record incidents and offer proof for incident inquiries, helping to clear drivers from unfounded claims. This results in fewer accidents, claims, and lower insurance costs, leading to savings and better financial performance for the company. 

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SureCam's integrated GPS and dash cam technology greatly simplifies how utility companies handle claims for incidents. Video proof offers crucial eyewitness accounts, leading to more decisive claim investigations. This results in quicker settlement of claims and reduces risk to the business. The technology provides supervisors with the necessary context and evidence to resolve claims efficiently.

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SureCam's network-connected cameras can keep an eye on both the job site and vehicle contents during transit. By randomly checking footage, these dash cams help make sure job site equipment is stored safely and tidily, cutting down on tool and equipment loss or damage. It's important that all gear is in working order and accounted for at job sites. This feature helps companies shift from reacting to problems to actively monitoring and following guidelines and procedures.

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Network-connected SureCam cameras are highly beneficial for utility companies to streamline their field operations. Prioritizing safety, these companies need a straightforward system to minimise expensive operational delays. Video telematics serves as a powerful tool for fleet and safety managers, allowing them to track their field teams’ whereabouts, driving behaviours, and daily activities. Knowing that the company is monitoring them, workers often become more efficient, leading to a decrease in unexpected downtime.

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Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Your Utility Company:

  • Reduce claims and boost productivity
  • Cut fuel expenses caused by idling, speeding, and rough driving
  • Improve efficiency with service hours reporting
  • Generate precise payroll reports and cut down on overheads
  • Decrease maintenance expenses
  • Offer customers evidence of service
  • Finish more service jobs to boost profits
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improved gas mileage
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The #1 Solution for Effective Utility Fleet Management

Optimize your operations and provide superior service to your customers.


SureCam's network-connected dashcams offer utility companies a comprehensive solution for enhancing safety and reducing incidents, insurance, and repair costs.

Using GPS and dash cam technology, these companies can monitor their drivers' performance in real time, as well as oversee job site equipment and inventory. This helps in minimising losses and damages, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and practices.

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SureCam Fleet Management Software Features

Our software offers simplified video and tracking at your fingertips. With its customizable options and extreme ease-of-use, you get video and tracking insights that really matter.


What's included

  • High Quality Video
  • Self-Service Video Downloads
  • LiveCheck Video
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Geofence Search
  • Geofence Enabled Trip History Search
  • Trip History Logs
  • Driver Safety Scores
  • Geofence Zones
  • Standard Speeding Alerts
  • Advanced Speeding Alerts
  • Standard Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Onboarding Training
  • Live Customer Support
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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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