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Top Rated Multi-camera System for Fleet Vehicles

Customise the SureCam 360+ system to meet your compliance needs.

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Protect Drivers And Meet Compliance Standards With SureCam 360+

Improve your fleet safety, protect members of the public, and boost field team efficiency with SureCam's highly configurable multi-channel dashcam system. Gain 360° visibility and instant alerts giving you the full context behind what happens both inside and outside of your company vehicles. Work with SureCam to build a solution to help meet DVS, FORS, and CLOCS compliance standards.



Configure a solution with up to 5 dashcam views. (More views available upon request!)
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GPS-enabled for real-time location tracking and trip history reporting.
Instant Visibility - no words-1


Remote access to event-triggered videos, self-service historical video request, and SureCam LiveCheck.


Standard 2TB SSD for up to a month of drive-time video storage.
Real Time Support - no words


Optional in-cab monitor for improved driver visibility and manoeuvring assistance .
Lifetime Warranty


Upgrade your coverage with our optional 3-year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.


Optional AI DVS Safe System Package with advanced sensors for driver alerts and a specialized left turn audible warning alarm.
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How Multicam Dashcam Systems Work

Cloud dash cam technology is the gold standard for protecting your business from false accident claims and identifying and improving risky driving behaviours.


G-Force or telematics triggered event occurs within your fleet


Video and data is uploaded via cellular connection


Receive instant notification of incident via email or in the SureCam platform

Through the use of a cellular connection, you can be instantly notified and watch high-quality video within seconds of an incident occurring. With the SureCam 360+ multi-camera system with GPS tracking, you can get remote 360° visibility into road incidents through the use of multiple camera views in and around the vehicle. Supercharge incident investigations and streamline your fleet operations with connected dash cams.

Tackle The Strictest Compliance Standards with SureCam 360+


Tailored to suit your requirements

Designed to be highly configurable, work with SureCam to build a solution that helps you meet DVS, FORS and CLOCS compliance standards.

SureCam allows you to mix and match your services by outfitting HGVs with Safe System Packages and 360° multi-camera system visibility while leveraging simpler connected dashcam options for vans and cars. Streamline your fleet management by viewing your videos and GPS track and trace data across your vehicles all within the same SureCam platform.

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Expert In-House Installation Support


Ensure success from day one

With so many components, multi-camera systems can be cumbersome to implement and complex to install.

Lean on SureCam's expert field engineering team to coordinate the implementation and installation of the SureCam 360+ solution. SureCam offers standard installation pricing for businesses across mainland UK. 
Interested in discussing implementation support in more detail? 

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SurCam Field Service Installers

Multicam Dashcam Pricing

Built for businesses of all sizes

At SureCam, we believe both transparency and strong customer support are the building blocks to long-lasting partnerships with our customers. That is why we are providing you with some starter pricing for the multicamera solution so that you can determine whether or not a conversation with our team is right for you. With so many ways to configure the SureCam 360+ multicamera solution, it is best to schedule a call with a product specialist to lock in a customised quote.

Option 1:

Affordable Rental Model

As low as £75

per month per vehicle

Rent the multicamera technology you need without the big capital expenditure price tag.
All camera hardware, software, and data costs included in the monthly rental subscription price.

Option 2:

Upfront Purchase Model

As low as £29

per month per vehicle

Paying upfront for hardware not an issue for your business? Purchase a SureCam 360+ system for as little as £1295 and enjoy a lower monthly subscription fee.
Upfront purchase costs are dependent on the configuration of your SureCam 360+ system. Subscription price includes software and data costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to get in touch. SureCam is your partner in fast and easy fleet video and tracking solutions.

Why do businesses choose a multicam connected dash camera system over other options?

We offer a variety of camera views at SureCam, with the SureCam 360+ multi-camera solution being our most popular option for customers with strict compliance standards who want maximum video coverage and real-time connectivity for superior incident protection and first notice of loss support. The SureCam 360+ system is highly configurable, allowing you to install multiple camera views where you need them the most without needing to overcommit to unnecessary camera views or safety options that you already have covered in your vehicles.

Can video captured by dash cameras be used for insurance claims and accident litigation?

Absolutely! There is no better evidence than accident video to speed up the insurance claims process and outright dismiss false accident claims made against your business. In fact, SureCam customers see an average reduction of 62% in claims costs after implementing our cloud-based technology. 
If you would like to dive deeper into the legal perspective of video telematics, you might be interested in this discussion with a commercial motor vehicle accident trial attorney.

How much does a multi-channel dash camera by SureCam cost?

We have two investment options that allow you to outfit your fleet vehicles with a comprehensive multicamera system in the way that is most convenient for your business. SureCam's affordable rental model allows you to minimise the upfront costs associated with purchasing hardware and bundle the cost of the hardware, software, and data into a single monthly rental fee. SureCam's upfront purchase model allows you to buy your vehicle hardware upfront and pay a lower monthly software and data subscription.  
You can view our multicam dash camera starter pricing for the SureCam 360+ here.

How quickly can I access and view video files from SureCam cloud dash cameras?

You can generally view video from your connected SureCam devices within seconds. There are three types of video made available to you from SureCam.
Event Video

This is video that is captured when a g-force or alert-based event takes place. For example, if you want to capture video when harsh brakes or excessive speeding events occur, this is considered an event video. These videos are automatically uploaded to the SureCam platform and available for you to review and download for up to 60 days.
Continuous Video

This is the minute by minute video that is recorded while your vehicles are running. SureCam 360+ devices come standard with nearly a month's worth of drive-time continuous video storage, so after an estimated month of drive time, this video records over itself. You can easily view continuous video from the SureCam platform as long as it is still available on your device.
Real-Time Video

This is optional live video that is available to you while your vehicles are turned on and your devices are connected to the cellular network. You must have SureCam LiveCheck enabled on your account to access the real-time video.

Can I access video even if a harsh driving incident did not occur?

Absolutely! Harsh driving triggered videos, referred to as Event Videos, are great for quickly responding to incidents and ultimately identifying and correcting risky driving behaviours before accidents occur. But there are other reasons that you may want access to video outside of a harsh driving event, and we make this video, referred to as Continuous Video, available for you to access remotely from the SureCam platform.

What happens to the video if my vehicle is out of range of the cellular network?

All of your video and underlying data are still being recorded, even if your vehicle temporarily drives out of range of the cellular network. As soon as your vehicle drives back in range, your SureCam device will re-establish its connection, videos will be uploaded, and the tracking data will be backfilled.

What types of safety alerts are available through SureCam?

Safety alerts through SureCam include harsh braking, hard cornering, fast acceleration, and speeding. The sensitivity level for these alerts can be configured remotely to best meet the needs of your business. The goal is to track and alert what is most urgent and important while protecting you from being overloaded with data.

How many user licences do I get with my subscription?

We offer an unlimited number of user licences with your subscription. We want you to be able to set up your account and workgroups in a way that will best allow you to manage the safety and efficiency of your field team, so we allow you to decide who should get access to the SureCam platform and how much access you want to give them. To understand the various ways you can structure your account, it is best to book a demo and see the options available.

How does the monthly subscription programme work?

We like to keep things simple at SureCam. That's why, with the rental agreement option, we bundle all of your dash camera hardware, software, and data costs into one affordable monthly subscription agreement.
This allows you to skip the expensive upfront cost of purchasing dash camera technology, eliminate the hassle of owning and replacing aging equipment, and easily change camera views and plans as your business needs change.

What types of fleet management alerts are available through SureCam?

There are a wide variety of fleet management alerts and reports available through SureCam including geofencing-based alerts, curfew alerts, hours driven or miles driven alerts as well as many others. To understand the full range of alerts and reports available through SureCam, it is best to book a demo and see how our platform would be configured for your specific use case.

How accurate is the GPS data provided by SureCam?

SureCam devices ping the SureCam servers every 10 seconds when the vehicle is in use. Most customers with previous GPS tracking experience find that the speed and accuracy of our location tracking is more reliable than their previous provider.

What does customer support look like at SureCam?

We have challenged ourselves to provide the best customer service and support in the video telematics industry. All customers, regardless of their size, have access to our live customer support team and work with a dedicated customer success representative to ensure they are getting the most out of their SureCam solution.

Our customer support teams supporting UK and EMEA based customers are located out of our office in the UK. Support is provided via the phone and email, or customers can choose to leverage our self-service support knowledge base.

We work to an internal 3-ring answer SLA if you call in, and a 1 hour response to email enquiries. You will always be given a reference number to track your enquiry from start to finish.

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In the video, you will get to see:

  • SureCam’s Proprietary LiveCheck Feature
  • Full-access, Self-Service Video Request Feature
  • How to Track Trips in Real-Time
  • Standard & Fully Customisable Alerts and Reports
  • How to Pull Data on Historic Trips

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Easy to use, affordable vehicle camera system. The system is a great tool for coaching drivers into better driving behavior. It is easy to use and very affordable for the amount of product you get.
James Pessolano
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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We have loved our SureCam dash cam with GPS. The price point is great … I don't spend much time analyzing the data - the reports I need and want come automatically. I really do love this product.
Kate Smith Walton
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SureCam - fast, affordable and great service! Surecam is the single best safety feature that we have added to our trucks.
Matt Jacobson
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