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Fleet Tracking & Dash Cams for Towing and Recovery Companies

Tow truck cameras provide unparalleled real-time visibility into drivers’ routes and behavior, vehicle performance, and much more.

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Custom Dash Cam Solutions for Towing and Recovery Companies

What Can SureCam Do for Your Towing and Recovery Company?


Comprehensive Solutions for Towing and Recovery Fleet Management

Whether you run a small tow truck business or a larger one with heavy-duty wreckers, SureCam offers a suitable video and vehicle tracking solution for you. Our advanced technology enables real-time tracking of your vehicles and drivers, ensuring they can quickly respond to emergencies.

Video recordings from each towing camera offer a detailed account of any incidents, offering crucial insights and defence against unjust claims. SureCam provides far greater visibility than a standard backup camera..

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Towing and Recovery Fleet Video

Choosing the Best GPS Dash Cam for Your Towing and Recovery Business

Most Popular: Road-facing plus exterior-, side-, or rear-mounted view


Towing and recovery companies understand how crucial visibility is, which is why the most favoured SureCam camera setup includes both road-facing and either rear- or side-mounted cameras. This trailer camera system is perfect for those needing to monitor the rear of their vehicles. Being IP68 rated, it's weatherproof and highly durable, even in harsh conditions. Its superior night vision feature gives towing and recovery businesses the confidence they need, even during the night.


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Runner Up: Road-facing-only view


SureCam's front-only camera is an affordable option to begin with video and vehicle tracking. It offers a clear view of the front, useful for establishing fault in various accidents like rear-end and sideswipe incidents. While additional views can be beneficial, they aren't always essential. Starting with a front-only camera is a practical choice, and you can add more cameras and views when needed. This way, you ensure your vehicles are constantly safeguarded on the road, giving fleet operations managers complete visibility, whether the vehicles are changing lanes, braking suddenly, or simply traveling.


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Benefits of Video and GPS Monitoring for Towing and Recovery Businesses

Towing and recovery businesses often face a high risk of accidents while working. SureCam's network-connected cameras offer major advantages in safety, clarity, and profit for these companies.

Safety is vital in the towing and recovery sector. Employees may lack experience in safe driving, increasing their risk of minor and avoidable accidents. Such incidents often result in unnecessary downtime, raising expenses through lost work hours, repairs, and insurance claims.

SureCam's integrated GPS and dash cam technology gives tow and repo truck managers insight into their teams' daily activities. This enables them to offer prompt and pertinent feedback, ensuring responsibility, and helps to cut down the costs associated with accidents.

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Fleet owners and managers require continuous monitoring of their team to maintain strict adherence to safety rules and avoid legal issues.

SureCam offers towing companies camera coverage from both the front and rear of their trucks, significantly reducing blind spots and ensuring 24/7 surveillance. In case of an investigation, managers can easily access video footage with location and time details, simplifying the process of pinpointing the cause, accepting responsibility, and taking necessary measures.

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Investigating accidents can be time-consuming and costly. The more time it takes, the longer your vehicle is out of service, leading to missed opportunities and lost income.

SureCam's combined GPS and dash cam technology speeds up the claims management process by providing necessary context. It allows vehicle owners and drivers to defend themselves effectively and protects the company from liability when someone else is responsible for the accident.

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SureCam's network-connected cameras enable businesses to monitor their fleet's maintenance, track performance, and spot areas needing improvement. The towing camera system not only lets you observe driver behaviour but also gives detailed road performance reports.

This data aids in making smarter fleet management choices, pinpointing improvement opportunities, and offering tailored feedback to drivers. This, in turn, boosts the team's overall performance, enhances customer satisfaction, and leads to higher profits.

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Every business aims to maximise profit and maintain outstanding service. SureCam's network-connected cameras assist in achieving this by enhancing dispatch and routing for your fleet towing business.

They also verify your workers' reports, leading to quicker and more effective resource use. This means you can take on more jobs while still guaranteeing timely service.

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Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Your Towing and Recovery Company:

  • Reduce claims and boost productivity
  • Cut fuel expenses caused by idling, speeding, and rough driving
  • Improve efficiency with service hours reporting
  • Generate precise payroll reports and cut down on overheads
  • Decrease maintenance expenses
  • Offer customers evidence of service
  • Finish more service jobs to boost profits
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third-party claims
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team productivity
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improved gas mileage
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The #1 Solution for Effective Towing and Recovery Fleet Management

Optimize your operations and provide superior service to your customers.


SureCam's network-connected cameras offer great advantages for towing and recovery companies. They are key for fleet managers and owners who want to improve their operations and cut costs.

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SureCam Fleet Management Software Features

Our software offers simplified video and tracking at your fingertips. With its customizable options and extreme ease-of-use, you get video and tracking insights that really matter.


What's included

  • High Quality Video
  • Self-Service Video Downloads
  • LiveCheck Video
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Geofence Search
  • Geofence Enabled Trip History Search
  • Trip History Logs
  • Driver Safety Scores
  • Geofence Zones
  • Standard Speeding Alerts
  • Advanced Speeding Alerts
  • Standard Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Onboarding Training
  • Live Customer Support
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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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