Fleet Camera Solutions to Protect Drivers and Businesses

SureCam network-connected dash cams and tracking technology protect fleets from false driving allegations and are the first line of defence against high claims costs. SureCam uses industry leading dash camera technology and supporting software to provide video footage in real time – instantly, from the scene. We work with our clients to customize each camera’s configurations, providing visibility into the specific driving behaviors and incidents each fleet cares about.

Camera solution for fleets

Forward Facing Dash Cameras

Forward-facing dash cams, (also referred to as front-facing or road facing dash cams), are used to detect harsh driving, mitigate insurance claims and dismiss liability.

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Dual Facing Dash Cameras

Dual-facing dash cameras incorporate both a front-facing camera and a second driver facing or rear facing camera. Dual-facing technology is used for driver coaching and improving fleet safety.

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Telematics + Cameras

Combine the power of video evidence with telematics data. SureCam offers an integrated video and tracking platform for fleets seeking deeper analytics and performance tools, which includes essential telematics tracking features combined with the power of video evidence. Through our open-API, SureCam is also a preferred video partner for many of the world’s leading telematics providers.

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Insurance + Dashcams

Network connected dash cams can have significant insurance benefits for fleets. Installing connected dash cams in your fleet can reduce your average cost per claim, exonerate your drivers when falsely accused, and ultimately reduce your insurance premiums.

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(UK) Risk Management

Real-Time Connectivity: Data and video instantly uploaded through the cellular network to a secure server without manual intervention
Cloud-Based Interface: Interact with fleet video and data through our web-based platform
Supporting Analytics: Receive analytics and reporting, including speed, tracking and g-force data to inform driver coaching and the claims management process
Fleet Video + GPS Track and Trace: Unleash the telematics data made available through SureCam connected dash cameras with the SureCam View Pro online platform
HD Video: Industry-leading video quality and frame rate
Design & Manufacturing: Expertly designed and manufactured in Europe, backed by warranty
Continuous Recording: Back up continuous footage with remote pause capability to provide extra detail pre/post any incident.
Accurate Impact Speeds: High frequency capture ensures accurate reporting of impact speeds for claims mitigation and driver coaching.
Driver Coaching: Built to enable clients to respond to coachable moments, improve driver behavior and positively recognize drivers for great awareness.
Configurability: Ability to remotely configure each camera based on vehicle classes and route profiles to filter out the noise, and filter in what each fleet needs to see

Cameras submit video within minutes