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Fleet Tracking & Dash Cams for HVAC Companies

Give yourself peace of mind with GPS fleet tracking combined with video as your team goes from site to site, delivering superior-caliber service.

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Dash Cams with GPS Trackers for HVAC Companies

Learn What SureCam Can Do For Your Commercial or Residential HVAC Business


The Solution for Effective HVAC Fleet Management

SureCam’s combined GPS and dash cam solution is an essential tool for any HVAC company that relies on a fleet of vehicles to do business. Contact us today to schedule your free demo and see how we can optimize your fleet management practices.

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Which Dash Camera with GPS Tracking is the Right Fit for Your HVAC Business?

Most Popular: Road-facing-only option


SureCam’s road-facing-only option is an affordable, easy-to-integrate camera solution for heating and cooling companies. With a simple front-facing view, it provides an economical choice to cover all the liabilities on the road. Even though other camera views are nice to have for HVAC services, a road-facing camera can prove accident liability in all directions, including front, rear-end, and side-swipe accidents. Plus, with SureCam, fleet managers can easily add additional camera views at a later date as their needs evolve.


Learn More About Road Facing Dashcams


Runner Up: Road-facing plus exterior-, rear-, or side-mounted view


SureCam’s road-facing plus exterior-, rear-, or side-mounted view cameras offer extra visibility over your equipment, so you can see what’s happening to your HVAC vehicles in real time. The exterior-mounted camera has an IP69 rating, making it weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about damage from rain, snow, or heat on the way to and from each job site. And, the night vision capabilities are excellent, so you can see everything even in low-light situations. This is great for those early-morning, after-hours, and emergency middle-of-the-night repair services.


Learn More About Front & Rear Dashcams

Benefits of Video and GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

From minor accidents to delays in field operations, any setback can quickly add up and cost your HVAC business precious time and money. SureCam can help your HVAC company manage its fleet more efficiently and effectively.

Your HVAC technicians are not professional drivers, so it’s not uncommon for minor accidents and careless incidents to occur involving their vehicles. Unfortunately, HVAC companies usually lack well-defined safety programs, which can lead to injuries and expensive repairs for fleet vehicles.

With SureCam’s combined GPS and dash cam technology, you can quickly and easily improve safety performance, drive down the number of incidents occurring, and stop wasting money on repairs and insurance deductibles.

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The number of sites HVAC companies can visit/service in a day directly impacts revenue. However, without a tool in place that provides visibility into field operations—where trucks and team members are at any given time—managers are restricted to running their operations based on first-come, first-serve dispatch calls.

SureCam’s combined GPS and dash cam solution empowers teams to arrive at customer sites as-needed, on time, by taking the most efficient routes to their next jobs and sticking to schedules rooted in priority.

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Accidents are never planned and investigating them takes time. SureCam’s combined GPS technology and dash cam footage provide context to greatly reduce the time spent on the claims management process and ultimately resolve the company from any liability when a third party is at fault. This means you can get back to running your business instead of dealing with insurance claims.

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Often, drivers aren’t aware of the impact their driving habits have on the company’s bottom line.

With SureCam’s solution, however, you can monitor speeding, harsh cornering, and other driving behaviors that impact fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs. This allows you to coach drivers and implement changes to reduce costs and improve your bottom line—not to mention extend the useful life of the service vehicles that allow you to perform critical on-site work.

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We live in a time when liability claims are on the rise. Protecting your business and HVAC teams from false or unwarranted liability claims is a must.

SureCam’s solution ensures that you have video evidence in the event of an incident so that you can protect your business from fraudulent claims and ultimately save money. Whether it’s proving defensive driving on the part of your worker or showing a clear video of an incident to determine the sequence of events, dash cams provide essential context that keeps you safe.

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Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Your HVAC Business:

  • Reduce Claims and enhance productivity
  • Reduce fuel costs due to idling, speeding and harsh driving
  • Increase productivity with hours of service reporting
  • Create accurate payroll reporting and reduce overhead costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide customers with proof of service
  • Complete more service calls each week to increase your bottom line
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third-party claims
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team productivity
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improved gas mileage
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The Solution for Effective HVAC Fleet Management

Optimize your operations and provide superior service to your customers.


SureCam’s network-connected cameras with vehicle tracking and video optimize fleet management for heating and cooling companies. There’s no better way to ensure the safety of your workers and vehicles and improve fleet operations at the same time.

Contact us today for a free demo and see for yourself why so many HVAC companies are choosing SureCam!

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SureCam Fleet Management Software Features

Our software offers simplified video and tracking at your fingertips. With its customizable options and extreme ease-of-use, you get video and tracking insights that really matter.


What's included

  • High Quality Video
  • Self-Service Video Downloads
  • LiveCheck Video
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Geofence Search
  • Geofence Enabled Trip History Search
  • Trip History Logs
  • Driver Safety Scores
  • Geofence Zones
  • Standard Speeding Alerts
  • Advanced Speeding Alerts
  • Standard Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Onboarding Training
  • Live Customer Support
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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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