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Benefits of Pest Control Fleet Management

Simplify Fleet Management: Your Pest Control Business Deserves the Best

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Dash Cams Configurations for Pest Control Companies

Learn What SureCam Can Do For Your Pest Control Business


Give your Pest Control Company the advantage of easy-to-use fleet management technology.

Running a pest control business comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when you rely on a fleet of vehicles for your daily operations. Luckily, SureCam's network-connected dash cams and fleet management software offer a straightforward, stress-free solution for overseeing your workforce and valuable equipment.

With a fleet management solution, you can focus on delivering safe and effective pest control services to both your residential and commercial clients with confidence. Consider it an investment in your peace of mind, safeguarding not only your team and equipment but also your business's financial stability.  

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Which Dash Cam Configuration is the Right Fit for Your Pest Control Company?

Most Popular: Road-facing-only option


Consider this scenario: A pest control fleet manager receives a call from one of their technicians who was involved in a minor accident while en route to a client's property. The client is concerned, and tensions are running high. In such moments, having a front-facing dash camera becomes an invaluable safeguard. It not only provides critical video evidence to determine faults and address any disputes but also offers a cost-effective solution for fleet management and driver safety.

SureCam's front-facing dash camera with GPS tracking ensures that you have the essential evidence you need while being mindful of your budget. What's more, should your needs evolve, SureCam can tailor new dash cam solutions and incorporate additional views to meet those evolving demands. It's an adaptable and reliable solution that keeps pest control fleet managers prepared for whatever challenges may arise on the road, giving peace of mind to both managers and clients alike.


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Runner Up: Road-facing plus exterior-, rear-, or side-mounted view


Imagine a pest control fleet manager receiving a frantic call from a client who claims that their property was damaged during a recent service visit. It's a scenario that has the potential to damage the reputation of your business. This is precisely where a comprehensive camera system, featuring road-facing and exterior, rear, or side-mounted views, proves to be an invaluable asset. Beyond the road-facing view, these additional angles offer an all-encompassing perspective, ensuring that not only pests but also the client's property is handled with utmost care.

From the moment your team arrives to address the pest problem to the final inspection, having a 360-degree view of operations provides irrefutable evidence of professionalism and meticulousness. For pest control fleet managers, this camera system is not just a safeguard; it's a reputation booster and a trust-building tool, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.


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Benefits of SureCam’s Vehicle Tracking and Video for Pest Control Companies

Pest control company leaders understand fleet challenges from navigating busy urban streets to accessing remote rural locations. SureCam tools help you prioritize technician safety, reputation protection, and efficient fleet management.

Safety is paramount for pest control companies. Whether your technicians are navigating city streets or winding through countryside, accidents can happen.

SureCam's fleet dash cams are the eyes and ears on the road, recording real-time footage that can be invaluable in case of accidents or disputes. They provide unbiased evidence, helping to determine liability and streamline the claims process, ultimately ensuring your team is protected.

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Pest control companies often find themselves in unpredictable situations, dealing with diverse clients and challenging environments.

With SureCam's fleet dash cams, you gain the ability to proactively manage risks. By reviewing recorded footage, you can identify areas where your technicians may need additional training or support, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing overall operational safety.

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SureCam understands that the needs of pest control companies can vary widely. That's why their dash cam solutions are customizable.

Whether you're a residential pest control company serving homeowners or a commercial pest control company working with businesses, SureCam can tailor their dash cam systems to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need front-facing cameras, exterior views, or additional angles, SureCam has you covered.

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Pest control fleets are often on the move, traveling between numerous locations each day. SureCam's fleet dash cams come equipped with GPS technology, allowing you to track the real-time location of your vehicles. This feature can be used to optimize routes, reduce travel time, prevent excessive idling, and minimize fuel consumption. By analyzing historical data, you can make data-driven decisions to streamline your operations, saving both time and money. Reduce operating and maintenance costs with effective fleet management.

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In the world of pest control, disputes can arise even when your technicians have done their job diligently. False claims can impact your company's bottom line. Fleet dash cameras serve as a safeguard against such claims, providing clear evidence of the condition of a property before and after your services. This valuable evidence can protect your company from unjustified claims, mitigate risks, and reduce insurance costs.

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Outstanding customer service is a cornerstone of success in the pest control industry. With SureCam's fleet dash cams, you can enhance your customer service by providing transparency and accountability. If a client has concerns or questions about a service visit, you can use the recorded footage to address their inquiries and reassure them that their property and well-being are your top priorities. Monitor driver behavior and hold drivers accountable for harsh braking and rapid acceleration.

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Driving Pest Control Profitability

A Guide to Maximizing Savings with Video Telematics and Fleet Management


Give your Pest Control Company the advantage of easy-to-use fleet management technology.

Discover the strategies to enhance pest control profitability through the implementation of video telematics and efficient fleet management, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Benefits of Fleet Management for Your Pest Control Company:

  • Reduce Claims and enhance productivity
  • Reduce fuel costs due to idling, speeding and harsh driving
  • Increase productivity with hours of service reporting
  • Create accurate payroll reporting and reduce overhead costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide customers with proof of service
  • Complete more service calls each week to increase your bottom line
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third-party claims
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team productivity
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improved gas mileage
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The Solution for Effective Pest Control Fleet Management

Optimize your operations and provide superior service to your customers.


Ready to streamline fleet management and protect your pest control company’s bottom line? SureCam’s advanced network-connected dash cams combine video and vehicle tracking, so you always know where your fleet and employees are in real time. Our innovative technologies not only focus on the safety of your drivers and vehicles but also enhance the overall efficiency of your day-to-day operations and help cut costs.

Contact us today to arrange a complimentary demonstration and see for yourself why an ever-growing number of pest control professionals are protecting their business with SureCam!

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SureCam Fleet Management Software Features

Our software offers simplified video and tracking at your fingertips. With its customizable options and extreme ease-of-use, you get video and tracking insights that really matter.


What's included

  • High Quality Video
  • Self-Service Video Downloads
  • LiveCheck Video
  • Instant Incident Alerts
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Geofence Search
  • Geofence Enabled Trip History Search
  • Trip History Logs
  • Driver Safety Scores
  • Geofence Zones
  • Standard Speeding Alerts
  • Advanced Speeding Alerts
  • Standard Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Onboarding Training
  • Live Customer Support
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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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Easy to use, affordable vehicle camera system. The system is a great tool for coaching drivers into better driving behavior. It is easy to use and very affordable for the amount of product you get.
James Pessolano
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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We have loved our SureCam dash cam with GPS. The price point is great … I don't spend much time analyzing the data - the reports I need and want come automatically. I really do love this product.
Kate Smith Walton
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SureCam - fast, affordable and great service! Surecam is the single best safety feature that we have added to our trucks.
Matt Jacobson
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