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Top Rated Geotab Dash Cams for Fleet Vehicles

Receive instant notifications and access to HD fleet video directly within MyGeotab with SureCam's Geotab-compatible dash cams.

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The SureCam - Geotab Integration

Fast and easy access to your fleet video directly within the MyGeotab platform.

Have peace of mind knowing your drivers are protected and your fleet is covered.
  • Gain real-time visibility into your fleet.
  • Know how your drivers are performing.
  • Secure high-quality video evidence for any incidents that occur.

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SureCam x Geotab Integration Powered By Go Device

Geotab Dash Cam Capabilities

SureCam's fleet management solutions help ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Here are just some of the ways connecting commercial vehicles to a dash cam system can help with fleet compliance:
  • Choose from SureCam's four popular dash cam configurations for commercial vehicles
  • High-quality, wide-angle view of the road for ideal video evidence to investigate incidents and exonerate drivers
  • Customize safety alerts and video notifications using the Geotab telematics device rules to capture the incidents that matter most to your business
  • Optional modular secondary camera gives you ultimate flexibility for fleet management
  • Remote access to 50+ hours of continuous drivetime footage for additional video downloads
  • At-a-glance dashboard to quickly determine your fleet safety score and biggest opportunity areas
  • Optional live-streaming capabilities with SureCam LiveCheck

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GeoTab Dash Cam Capabilities

euroloo cuts costs and streamlines operations with Geotab and Surecam


Greater Visibility & Easy Access

euroloo wanted an integrated fleet management and dashcam solution that would help them to gain greater control and oversight of their vehicles and drivers. They had previously used another fleet telematics provider, but had found it to be limited in its capabilities in order to fully support their operational needs.

With dash cameras and fleet management data from their SureCam and GeoTab Integration they achieved the results they were looking for:

  • 22% reduction in idling fuel consumption
  • 52% reduction in harsh braking events
  • 41% reduction in harsh acceleration events
  • No successful false insurance claims

Read Full Case Study with euroloo

Euroloo Case Study-3

SureCam Dash Cam Options

Geotab Marketplace Approved

Front facing dashcam icon with transparent background

Front Facing
Dash cams

High-quality, wide-angle view of the road for ideal video evidence.


Dual Facing
Dash Cams

Capture video from inside and outside of the vehicle when road incidents occur.


Front & Rear
Dash cams

High-quality view of the road + road-facing rear view for maximum video evidence.


Dash cams

Water and dust-proof external mounted cameras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to get in touch. SureCam is your partner in fast and easy fleet video solutions for Geotab.

Why do businesses choose SureCam to pair with their Geotab telematics device?

SureCam makes integrating vehicle data with Geotab simple. The SureCam integration with Geotab offers customers a seamless fleet video experience layered with Geotab telematics data directly within the MyGeotab platform. Customers who choose SureCam for fleet management are primarily concerned with capturing high-quality video evidence and leveraging video and other data assets to get the full context behind any incidents that may occur within their fleet.

SureCam is often selected by Geotab customers for its simple and streamlined in-platform video experience, its approach to giving customers more access to available video, and offering industry-leading live customer support.

Can video captured by dash cameras be used for insurance claims and accident litigation?

Absolutely! There is no better evidence than video to speed up the insurance claims process and outright dismiss false accident claims made against your business. In fact, SureCam customers see an average reduction of 62% in claims costs after implementing our technology.
If you would like to dive deeper into the legal perspective of video telematics, you might be interested in this discussion with a commercial motor vehicle accident trial attorney.

How much does a Geotab-connected dash camera by SureCam cost?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward at SureCam, so we wrap all of your hardware, software, and data costs into one affordable monthly subscription. Please schedule a call to receive pricing for the SureCam x Geotab integration.

How quickly can I access and view video from SureCam dash cameras in the MyGeotab platform?

You can generally view videos from your SureCam devices within seconds. There are three types of video made available to you from SureCam within MyGeotab.

Event Video: This is video that is captured when a g-force or alert-based event takes place. For example, if you want to capture video when harsh braking or excessive speeding events occur, this is considered an event video. These videos are automatically uploaded to the SureCam platform as full frame rate videos or preview videos according to your rule-base settings and are available for you to review and download for up to 60 days.
Continuous Video: This is the minute-by-minute video that is recorded while your vehicles are running. SureCam devices come standard with 50 hours of continuous video storage, so after 50 hours of drive time, this video records over itself. Geotab users can easily view continuous video from the MyGeotab platform as long as it is still available on their device.
Real-Time Video: This is optional live video that is available to you while your vehicles are turned on and connected to the cellular network. You must have SureCam LiveCheck enabled on your account to access the real-time video.

Can I access video even if a harsh driving incident did not occur?

Absolutely! Harsh driving triggered videos, referred to as Event Videos, are great for quickly responding to incidents and ultimately identifying and correcting risky driving behaviors before accidents occur. But there are other reasons that you may want access to video outside of a harsh driving event and we make this video, referred to as Continuous Video, available for you to access remotely from the MyGeotab platform.

What happens to the video if my vehicle is out of range of the cellular network?

All of your video and underlying data are still being recorded, even if your vehicle temporarily drives out of range of the cellular network. As soon as your vehicle drives back in range, your SureCam device will re-establish its connection, videos will be uploaded, and the GPS position tracking data and video will be backfilled.

What types of safety alerts are available through SureCam?

SureCam works seamlessly with Geotab's powerful telematics devices to capture video for any safety-related rule or trigger Geotab already makes available to you. The goal is to capture video footage for what is most urgent and important while protecting you from being overloaded with data.

How does the monthly subscription program work?

We like to keep things simple at SureCam. That's why we bundle all of your camera hardware, software, and data costs into one affordable monthly subscription agreement.
This allows you to skip the expensive upfront cost of purchasing dash camera technology, eliminate the hassle of owning and replacing aging equipment, and easily change camera views and plans as your business needs change.

Do SureCam dash cameras come with a warranty?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward. Your SureCam hardware is covered under warranty for as long as you have an active rental subscription agreement. If you have issues with a dash camera that can't be quickly resolved remotely, we will ship you a replacement. Hassle-free.
Now if a camera was lost or destroyed in an accident, a modest replacement fee will apply. We are always happy to talk more about that.

Can I start with one dash cam configuration and switch to other camera views at a later date?

Absolutely! The SureCam monthly subscription program allows you to easily change up your preferred camera views as your business needs change. Once installed, our dash cameras can be easily swapped for different configurations. 

Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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