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Fleet Safety Trends 2023

Big changes for the transportation industry

Fleet managers are facing many new changes and challenges. A number of trends have emerged surrounding technology and its role within the transportation industry. State-of-the-art technology, an influx of data, and potential changes in management policies are all things to stay on top of. The SureCam team is here to help safety managers stay up to date on the rapidly changing environment. We put together a list of the top eight fleet safety trends.

1. Fleet cameras have become widespread

With the ELD mandate in full effect, many companies are choosing to incorporate dash cameras to reduce insurance claims and incident frequency. Connected dash cams can provide additional information for driver scorecards and coaching, and can be helpful in combating false allegations against your drivers. Consider listing the positive benefits of cameras to your drivers in your next safety meeting.

2. Changing roles of fleet safety managers

Fleet managers face constant change. Overall managerial thinking has shifted to a more strategic view. On top of that, fleet managers have a lot more data to process as driver-monitoring products become a standard within the industry. Managers need to think long term about how to integrate new products into their fleets and how to communicate these new changes with their drivers.

3. Data management 


Telematics has taken the world by storm and is only expected to grow in the next few years. While this may seem intimidating at first, this kind of data can provide you with valuable information about your fleet. Telematics can help improve safe driver habits, increase fuel economy, and lower claims costs. But sorting through all this data can be a challenge. Managers should consider what data is most important for their fleet to avoid getting bogged down or paying for tools they don’t need.

4. Emphasis on cyber security 

While we’re on the subject of company information, efficient organization isn’t the only thing at the top of safety managers’ minds. The need for advanced cybersecurity methods will also come into play with such a large amount of online data. Who has access to it? When are things being recorded? Where does the information go? Be sure to check with your provider for information about how your fleet’s data will be used and protected. 

 5. New drug testing policies 

New corporate policies have emerged regarding the partial legalization of marijuana throughout the country. Many companies are opting for more extensive drug testing procedures in order to promote safety for drivers planning on crossing state borders. This adds a new level of responsibility for fleet safety managers as they decide on the best policy to keep their drivers safe.

 6. Have regular safety meetings

Fleet safety meetings are more important than ever with so many changes regarding policy and technology. Fleet managers should be sure to keep their drivers informed on emerging tech and data, as well as address any concerns the group may have about these changes. Build out a custom meeting plan to address the specific concerns or topics your team is interested in to help maximize engagement. 

 7. Driver demand increases

The driver shortage continues to impact the industry, making it difficult for fleets to find qualified drivers. Some fleets will have to hire younger, less experienced drivers to deal with the driver shortage. Drivers who have not had the opportunity to build up an established safety record could benefit from the coaching opportunities provided by telematics and connected cameras. Be sure to think about addressing your safety concerns with these new members of your team.

8. Increased emphasis on public tech education

Many public groups are embracing this new wave of technology by rolling out a variety of Tech-Education courses. These groups have rolled out a variety of nationwide events to introduce the public to driver assistance and automated vehicle technology. They also created a variety of online content so people across the nation have access to information. Research groups like these to help stay up to date on emerging tech and for useful materials to help your fleet stay informed.

The world of fleet safety will continue to face rapid changes. Staying up to date on emerging technology and trends will be more important than ever. Here at SureCam, we have you covered. 

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