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Best Fleet Camera Systems for Business

Improve fleet safety, reduce insurance claims costs, and boost field team productivity with an easy and affordable fleet dash camera system.

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SureCam Fleet Camera Systems

Collect the actionable insights you need to drive your business from one small yet powerful fleet dash cam device


SureCam’s cloud-connected fleet camera systems ensure fleet managers are the first to know when incidents occur on the road. Get instant safety alerts and video evidence when accidents happen. Keep your business running smoothly with real-time GPS tracking, trip history reports, and custom alerts.

The best news? You can get up and running quickly with a monthly subscription. No upfront purchase necessary.

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SureCam Fleet Camera Systems

How Connected Fleet Dash Cams Work

Connected dash cams utilise cellular connectivity to send video, GPS, and underlying telematics data to an online platform. This allows you to manage your fleet and respond quickly to any incidents. 


G-Force or telematics triggered event occurs within your fleet


Video and data is uploaded via cellular connection


Receive instant notification of incident via email or in the SureCam platform

Through the use of a cellular connection, you can be instantly notified and watch high-quality dash cam video directly within SureCam's cloud-based platform within seconds of an incident occurring. With SureCam's commercial-grade dash cams with cloud storage, you can leverage fleet video to get the full context behind every incident — instantly and remotely.

Fleet Camera Systems Are More Than Just Dash Cams

Say hello to the essential fleet management tool for driving your field operations.


Big ROI from one small device:

Instant Visibility
Get the full context behind any incident. Only video can do that. Monitor what happens in the name of your business on the road with connected dash cams. 

Reduce Claims Costs
Improve safety, drive down the overall number of incidents, and provide indisputable proof of accident liability to your insurance provider.

Real-time Support
Get instant access to your team’s location and a view of their surroundings to provide remote support in real-time.

Driver Accountability
Track driver behaviours backed by video evidence to improve road safety and promote safe driving through coaching.

Vehicle Tracking
Know where your vehicle assets are, where they have been, and what happened along the way.

Enhance Customer Service
Leverage fleet video to verify service delivery and investigate customer complaints.

Boost Productivity
Reliable tracking combined with fleet video helps ensure your team is sticking to their schedule.

Take the first step toward exploring fleet camera systems for your business today.

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Why Use a Fleet Camera System?


Once you are operating multiple vehicles, having instant access to video and the ability to track your team helps you maintain control of a business steadily growing in complexity. Connected dash cams require absolutely no driver intervention.

Save time and avoid the headaches that come along with non-connected dash cams. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re helping keep drivers safe and protecting your business.

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Fleet Camera System Options

At SureCam, we offer a variety of fleet dash cam configurations to meet your fleet management needs.

Forward Facing EventOur single-channel dash cam system offering a forward-facing view of the road is our most popular option for managers interested in fleet video for incident protection but still want to maintain the privacy of their drivers. LEARN MORE

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Road_Facing_In_CabOur dual-channel dash cam system is our most popular option for managers interested in capturing an in-cab forward-facing view of the road as well as driver-facing video from inside of the vehicle for coaching purposes. LEARN MORE

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Interior Rear Mounted Camera ViewOur dual-channel dash cam system that offers an exterior mounted secondary view from the side or rear of the vehicle is our most popular option for managers interested in capturing video in the case of front or rear accidents while still maintaining the privacy of their drivers. LEARN MORE 

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Interior Rear Cargo Camera View

Our interior mounted dual view dash cams offer pristine video quality and ultimate flexibility. This dash cam system allows fleet managers to capture both a road-facing and a configurable interior view most commonly positioned to view inventory or cargo. Excellent for field service teams outfitted with expensive tools. LEARN MORE

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Fleet Camera System Features & Benefits

SureCam makes it easy for you to turn fleet video into real ROI for your business.

GPS Tracking

SureCam’s fleet dash cams are enabled with GPS tracking, allowing you to see where your vehicles are at all times.

Cloud Connectivity

SureCam’s fleet dash cams are connected to the cloud via cellular network, allowing you to remotely access incident video, historic video of interest, and live video from any computer or mobile device.

Live Streaming

SureCam offers optional live-streaming dash cam functionality, allowing you to see video from your dash cams in real-time.

Trip History

SureCam’s fleet dash cams capture and record a vehicle’s complete trip history, giving you the full story of where your vehicles have been throughout the day.

Safety Scores

SureCam’s fleet dash cams record telematics data to provide you with safety scores to help you quickly determine which workers are your safest drivers and which ones could benefit from coaching.

Instant Alerts

SureCam’s fleet camera systems leverage a wide variety of real-time data points, allowing you to be alerted about the safety, management, and maintenance events that matter most to you.

Speeding Data

SureCam’s fleet dash cams with speeding alerts allow you to monitor and enforce excessive speeding policies.

Automated Driver ID

Automate driver assignments to trip level data to ensure the seamless and granular tracking of driver performance across vehicles and trips.

Geotab Compatible

SureCam’s Geotab-compatible dash cams allow you to view event-triggered and Geotab rule-triggered videos directly within the Geotab platform.

Businesses with fleet camera systems operate safer fleets.

Schedule a call today to discover all the ways fleet dash cams can help you run a safer, more productive field operation.


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Why Wait? Watch our 5-min Demo

Watch our 5-min demo to experience how SureCam helps you track, protect and optimise your fleet. No conversation with a sales person required.


In the video, you will get to see:

  • SureCam’s Proprietary LiveCheck Feature
  • Full-access, Self-Service Video Request Feature
  • How to Track Trips in Real-Time
  • Standard & Fully Customisable Alerts and Reports
  • How to Pull Data on Historic Trips

Watch Now

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Put your Trust in SureCam

From family-owned to household names, smart businesses choose SureCam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a business choose to use connected dash cameras over standard dash cameras?

Although the one-time cost of outfitting your company vehicles with off-the-shelf dash cams may seem like the most cost-effective decision, there are a number of ROI-based reasons businesses choose connected dash cameras over standard ones.

Some of the biggest considerations include the hassle-free ease that comes along with commercial-grade dash cams, the benefits of having instant alerts and access to video without any intervention required from your drivers, and the ability to track the location of your vehicles at all times.

There are many other considerations to weigh as you are making the best decision for your business. This is a great topic to dive into on a call with a SureCam solutions consultant.

Is it best for a business to allow driver-owned dash cameras or to provide company-operated fleet dash cams in company vehicles?

We believe that any dash cam is better than no dash cam and having workers want to outfit their vehicles with a dash cam is a great sign that they are looking for an extra layer of protection. However, we believe it is a best practice for a business to own and operate its own fleet dash cams so that it has unrestricted access to video and underlying telematics data. Business-owned dash cams protect both the driver AND the business.

How do you get workers to buy into having fleet dash cams in their vehicles?

Worker feelings towards fleet dash cams are often a big consideration when deciding whether or not video telematics is right for your business. We find that explaining the purpose of implementing connected dash cams and choosing a camera configuration that is best aligned with what you are looking to accomplish through the use of fleet video makes getting worker buy-in much easier.

At SureCam, we have camera configurations that capture road events while maintaining driver privacy as well as configurations that capture in-cab video of drivers. Driver-facing video is an excellent option when paired with a proactive safety coaching program. However, if you are not looking to prioritize proactive coaching, we find that road-facing camera views provide all the evidence you need to protect your business from false accident claims.

If worker buy-in is a concern for your business, we have a number of resources, including a driver guide, to help you through this transition.

There are a lot of fleet camera systems to choose from. How do I know which one is right for my business?

With so many fleet dash cams available, we understand that it can be overwhelming to determine which option is best for you. We suggest that you get very clear on your goals for using fleet video and how you plan on incorporating it into your business operations. This will help you decide what level of fleet video technology you really need so that you don't end up paying extra for features you never use. At SureCam, we have a configurable system, so you can start out with the functionality you need and grow into additional capabilities as your business grows.

When narrowing down which provider to work with, we recommend paying close attention to how easy it is to access your video. Can you preview and download video yourself or do you have to request video footage from the provider? Are you able to view all historical video available on the dash cam or are you limited to only "event-triggered video"? How long does it take to get support? Are you able to speak with someone over the phone or are you limited to support through an online ticketing system? At SureCam, we are on a mission to provide the easiest video telematics solution for small management teams. This inspires not only the design of our cameras and online platform, but also how we design our subscription program and customer support.

Interested in evaluating SureCam as your fleet video provider? It usually takes one exploratory conversation to determine whether or not SureCam would be a great fit for your needs.

What types of commercial vehicles are SureCam fleet dash cams compatible with?

SureCam fleet camera systems are flexible and configurable, allowing you to reliably use them across a wide variety of commercial vehicles, including both light and heavy-duty trucks, vans, as well as specialty commercial vehicles like tow trucks, concrete trucks, dump trucks, and buses. SureCam fleet dash cams are even compatible with electric vehicles.

The sensitivity of SureCam devices can be remotely adjusted to suit any type of motor vehicle.

How do I access video from SureCam fleet dash cams?

SureCam is a video-first solution provider. This means we make it as easy as possible for you to access your video from our online platform from any computer or mobile device. With SureCam, you can quickly preview available video to find the exact moment of interest and download the video directly to your computer or smartphone.

Schedule a demo with a SureCam solutions consultant to see how easy it is to remotely access dash cam video.

How long is video available on the SureCam online platform?

Video availability is determined by the type of video you are trying to access. All "high-level" event-triggered video is automatically uploaded to the SureCam platform and available for viewing and download for 60 days.

All non-event triggered historical video recorded by the dash cams is available for viewing for as long as the video is still available on your device. SureCam connected dash cams come standard with ~50 hours of drivetime video storage. After you choose to upload historical video of interest to the SureCam platform, it is available for viewing and download for 60 days.

How many licenses come with a SureCam monthly subscription?

We have no limits on the number of user access licenses that come with an account. We want you to set up and manage your account in the best way possible for your business.

How does the monthly subscription program for SureCam connected dash cams work?

We like to keep things simple at SureCam. That's why we bundle all of your dash camera hardware, software, and data costs into one affordable monthly subscription agreement.

This allows you to skip the expensive upfront cost of purchasing dash camera technology, eliminate the hassle of owning and replacing aging equipment, and easily change camera views and plans as your business needs change.

If I choose SureCam as my provider, how long does it take to get started with fleet video?

You can receive your SureCam fleet dash cams within days of signing your subscription agreement and setting up your payment authorization. A dedicated customer success manager will help coordinate the installation of your devices. Whether you are choosing to self-install your dash cams or opting to work with a SureCam-approved installer, your customer success manager will be with you every step of the way.

With a well-planned installation in coordination with your SureCam customer success manager, you can realistically have your fleet protected with video within two weeks of signing your agreement.

Following installation, your team will be formally trained on how to get the most value out of the SureCam system. Once training is complete, you will enter into a monitoring period, where your customer success manager will help you refine the settings on your devices so that you are focusing on only the alerts and data that matter most to running your business.

Do SureCam dash cameras come with a warranty?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward. Your SureCam hardware is covered under warranty for as long as you have an active rental subscription agreement. If you have issues with a dash camera that can't be quickly resolved remotely, we will ship you a replacement. Hassle-free.

Now if a camera was lost or destroyed in an accident, a modest replacement fee will apply. We are always happy to talk more about that.

Book a call with a SureCam solutions consultant

Ready to learn more about how you can leverage SureCam’s fleet video to improve safety, reduce claims costs and unlock new fleet management efficiencies? We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve real gains in safety and efficiency.


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Let's discuss your business and the issues you aim to address using fleet video to see how SureCam can assist you.


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Experience how our online platform works for your specific needs with a demo. This can be done during your first call or arranged for another time when your team's key members can join.

Choose your SureCam solution

If SureCam meets your fleet video needs, placing your order couldn’t be easier. Once ordered, you'll work with a dedicated customer success representative who will help install your devices and set up and fine-tune your account to suit your specific requirements.
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Why SureCam?

There are a number of great fleet camera system providers out there, but none of them specialise in small teams quite like we do.


We know what it’s like to try and keep your team safe all the while wearing many hats for the business. You can’t be everywhere, but you NEED to be everywhere.

That’s why we have designed every aspect of our service with small teams in mind — from our fleet dash camera tech to our online platform, from our monthly subscription plans to our new customer training and ongoing support — we make it easy.

In fact, we believe that you don’t need to have a large team to make a big impact on safety. Many of our customers only have one person looking after safety (and that person is usually focused on other needs for the business as well).

Every fleet, from three vehicles to hundreds, should have access to the same best-in-class technology that provides real-time visibility into what’s happening on the road. And, you shouldn’t have to dedicate a lot of time, people, and resources to effectively use it.

The proof is in the results: on average, SureCam customers see a 55% reduction in incidents and a 62% reduction in claims costs.

With so much to do, we are on a mission to make safety and profitability easy for you.

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