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Customer Success Stories

SureCam simplifies fleet management by boosting efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Here’s how our solutions transform day-to-day operations for our customers.


Trusted by Businesses Across Industries.

SureCam's network-connected dash cam technology and telematics are being utilised by a wide range of organisations to achieve impressive outcomes. Our cutting-edge dash cams and telematics technology are instrumental in helping companies fine-tune fleet operations and safeguard earnings. It effectively reduces hazardous driving practices, diminishes risk, and heightens overall investment returns. Our solutions are versatile enough to empower fleets of every size and type, across various sectors, in enhancing day-to-day efficiency, safety, and profitability. 

Our customer base is quite varied, spanning from globally acclaimed corporations to solo entrepreneurs and independent fleet operators. Take a look at some of our most notable success stories:


Krispy Kreme

The UK subsidiary of global doughnut enterprise Krispy Kreme Doughnuts saw an 80% drop in incident and accident frequency after adopting SureCam’s Technology.

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Yuill & Dodds Ltd

A Scottish road transport specialist offers hauling, logistics, and waste disposal services. SureCam's tech safeguards against false claims and tracks transport operations effectively.

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Yuill Dodds truckfest

Lansberry Trucking

A U.S. and Canada-based trucking firm, well-regarded for short- and long-haul transport, experienced an impressive 84.5% reduction in claims costs with SureCam implementation.

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Vulcraft Carrier

A U.S. steel joist and decking manufacturer showcases why SureCam LiveCheck benefits the commercial carrier industry. It supports real-time driver assistance, safety documentation, and damage monitoring.

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SAV Express

SAV Express, a dry goods transportation trucking company, saved over $1 million in repairs and claims costs by using SureCam fleet video.

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Concrete Strategies

This American concrete company reduces third-party claims by 75% after equipping its concrete mixer trucks with SureCam fleet video.

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Maneri Traffic Control

Maneri Traffic Control's fleet of 30+ vehicles increased productivity by 70% after implementing SureCam into its daily fleet management operations.

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Maneri Traffic Control-screen

Ringway Jacobs

This best-in-class highway service provider in the UK reduced its accident rate and unsafe driving behavior by 54% in two years, simply by adopting SureCam’s fleet video solutions.

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Ringway Jacobs


With dash cameras and fleet management data from their SureCam and GeoTab Integration they achieved the results they were looking for.

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Euroloo Case Study-3

Join the Ranks of SureCam's Success Stories

Companies across various sectors, regardless of fleet size, are achieving remarkable results with SureCam’s connected dash cam technology. They’re cutting down on false claims, enhancing productivity, and much more. 

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