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euroloo Drives Fleet Efficiency and Oversight with Geotab and SureCam Integration

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The Challenge: Limited Visibility

euroloo, a national provider of toilet hire services in the United Kingdom, caters to tradespeople, commercial businesses, and homeowners with seven hubs across the country. Their offerings include on-site, commercial, emergency, and event toilet hire, welfare servicing, and septic tank emptying, supported by a fleet of over 65 vehicles.

Their previous fleet telematics provider offered limited features to support their operations, euroloo sought an integrated solution that could provide better visibility and control over their vehicles and drivers, as well as improved compatibility with their route planning software.

Goals and Challenges

  • Insufficient data accessibility and operational visibility with the previous fleet management software
  • Direct access to factual information on road incidents

The Solution: Unparalleled Data Flexibility and Unmatched Visibility

In September 2022, euroloo implemented a comprehensive solution by fitting Geotab GO9 telematics devices and Geotab-compatible SureCam dash cameras to all their fleet vehicles. The integration provided reports on fuel efficiency, idling, and driver performance, with flexible and accessible data tailored to euroloo's specific needs. The dash camera footage was utilized to counter false insurance claims, assess and control driver behavior, and facilitate training opportunities.


The Outcomes: Tangible Enhancements Across All Areas


The implementation of the solution yielded significant improvements:

  • 22% reduction in idling fuel consumption
  • 52% reduction in harsh braking events
  • 41% reduction in harsh acceleration events
  • 100% success in combatting false insurance claims

Since implementing the combined solution, the operational team witnessed substantial enhancements in fleet productivity, safety, and sustainability, safeguarding the value of their assets. Key achievements included a 22% reduction in idling fuel consumption, a 100% reduction in false insurance allegations, and significant decreases in harsh acceleration and braking events.

The protection of asset value, greater productivity, and improved driver behavior were notable outcomes. The data from MyGeotab and dash camera footage empowered euroloo to optimize their assets and expenditures efficiently.

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