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Fleet Dash Cameras Combined with Telematics


Leading fleet video monitoring technology combined with telematics solutions for enhanced fleet safety

Telematics provides a wealth of data to make fleets safer, more efficient, and more compliant — but it only tells part of the story. By combining connected dash cameras with telematics data, you get the visual evidence you need to validate insights from telematics systems on top of the ability to quickly establish liability in the event of an accident.

What is vehicle telematics?

Traditional vehicle telematics consists of GPS fleet tracking technology combined with on board vehicle diagnostics. A Fleet Telematics System (FTS) allows fleet managers to see where their vehicles are, where they have been, and access powerful data points including speed, idle time, fuel usage, engine errors, seat belt usage and more.

These GPS and vehicle diagnostic data points are transmitted via a cellular network to be made available for secure viewing online.

What is video telematics? Leveraging telematics dash cam technology

Video telematics consists of fleet video and g-force and GPS based data, giving fleet managers a street level view of driver behavior before, during, and after an accident or harsh driving incident. The data able to be captured through video telematics beyond camera footage includes harsh braking, hard cornering, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and basic GPS data including real-time vehicle location tracking and past trip routes.

When fleet managers require telematics data beyond g-force and GPS data points, fleet managers can combine video telematics captured through connected dash cameras like SureCam with traditional vehicle telematics.

Vehicle telematics works hand-in-hand with connected dash cameras to give safety managers the advanced insights they need. SureCam customers can create driver scorecards, automatic reports, and set custom events using the combined power of telematics data and the SureCam system. Our customizable trigger settings can work with telematics systems to provide advanced crash detection and event filtering for fleets seeking deeper analytics and performance tools.

SureCam’s telematics integrations combine the data provided by a traditional tracking technology with vision-based information, giving safety managers and fleet owners data they can use for training, tracking, or – in the event of an incident – to prove who was at fault.

And safety managers who opt for a self-managed solution can feel confident knowing that they won’t waste their time reviewing irrelevant information. SureCam’s harsh driving triggers can be set at customized levels, meaning fleets only receive the data that matters most to their business. 

Dash Cams with GPS Fleet Tracking

The SureCam hardware comes equipped with GPS fleet tracking capability. Fleet safety managers can log into the SureCam platform to see a live view of their vehicle locations. The platform also shows vehicle trip logs. In addition to asset tracking and other fleet management benefits, the onboard GPS also enables safety managers to verify call-ins of erratic driving. After a call-in from a third-party driver, safety managers can simply look back to video from the correct time and location for verification. Learn more about unleashing the telematics data available within SureCam connected dash cameras with the SureCam View Pro online platform.

SureCam Telematics Partners

SureCam offers an integrated video and tracking platform, which includes essential telematics features combined with the power of video evidence.

Through our open-API, SureCam is also a preferred video partner for many of the world’s leading telematics providers, making the SureCam connected dash cam solution ideal for fleets seeking deeper analytics and performance tools. Some of SureCam’s integration partners include:

SureCam videos and telematics data are made available directly on these partner platforms.

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