Fleet Video combined with GPS Track and Trace

Unleash the telematics data made available through SureCam connected dash cameras. Our all-in-one fleet video and GPS tracking software helps you oversee real-time driver locations, review past trips overlaid with critical performance datapoints, and access event-triggered video alerts all within the SureCam View Pro online platform.

Camera solution for fleets
SureCam GPS

Live GPS Location Tracking

Gain up-to-the-minute visibility into your fleet with a live map view of the locations of your vehicles. Easily drill down into any asset for recent trip information and alerts.

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SureCam Monitoring

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Receive instant alerts to enforce compliance within your fleet. Be alerted when vehicles operate outside of working hours, deviate from routes, speed over set limits, and more.

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SureCam Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety Analysis

Oversee fleet safety with incident alerts and behavior trend analysis. Track the daily safety performance of your drivers and compare their performance over time.

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SureCam Reporting

Reports and Dashboards

Streamline fleet management practises with dynamic reports and live dashboards. Run reports on-demand or on a regularly scheduled basis.

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Fleet Insights At Your Fingertips

Live Vehicle Tracking: View the real-time location of your vehicles on a map
Instant Video Review: Review event triggered video alerts and corresponding data within seconds of incidents occurring
Customisable Alerts: Configure alerts to be notified when critical activity occurs
Trip Replay: View trip level details as an animated breadcrumb trail overlaid with telematics and alert data
Fleet Reporting: Run reports “on demand” or schedule recurring reports for all available vehicles, defined groups, or individual vehicles
Rating Reports: Analyse and compare the performance of your overall fleet, defined groups, or individual drivers
Management Dashboards: View a dynamic display of your fleet analytics with live dashboards
Account Customization: Organise account hierarchy around company cost centers and depots for targeted user access, alerts and reporting

Cameras submit video within minutes