Improve Driver Coaching


One Skill that Will Instantly Improve Your Driver Coaching

Most fleet safety managers are working to improve driver coaching. Good coaching can reduce incident rates and can also improve driver retention. However, coaching the right way can be a challenge. How can you make sure that your fleet empowers drivers with the right feedback, and addresses risky driving fairly? Utilizing data is key if you want to take your fleet’s driver coaching to the next level. 

Using data and analytics when coaching your drivers makes feedback more specific, more accurate, and more fair. It’s far easier to provide drivers with personalized coaching when you have a clear picture of their driving profile. Which of your drivers need to work on harsh braking?  Could some of your drivers use feedback regarding their lane changes or turning? Analytics can help answer these questions. 

Network-connected vehicle cameras can provide your fleet with key insight.  SureCam’s solution provides incident video and data in real-time – instantly, from the scene. We work with clients to customize each camera’s configurations to provide visibility into the incidents and driving behaviour each fleet cares about.  Contact us to learn more. 

Using video to improve driver coaching: 

Make clear that camera technology is being used to protect drivers and the company

Use video to give your drivers an unbiased view of their driving habits or a specific incident. Taking a step back and looking at an incident objectively makes driver coaching conversations more productive and less confrontational. 

Recognize drivers when they react quickly and perform under pressure.  Drivers often face difficult situations on the road, and more often than not, professional drivers rise to the occasion.  Let drivers know how much you appreciate their professionalism.

Show drivers your support by dismissing fault when an incident is not their fault.

Address harsh events even when they do not cause an incident. You don’t need to wait for an incident to occur before you initiate coaching conversations with your team. If a harsh event triggers a notification from SureCam, it may be helpful to take the opportunity to help your driver develop strategies for the future. 

Driver coaching is a critical component of any safety program. Even the most experienced drivers can benefit from constructive, supportive feedback from their safety manager or director. Unfortunately, there is always the potential for coaching conversations to quickly become confrontational. Utilizing analytics helps keep driver coaching personal and fair.  

Contact SureCam to learn more about how a camera solution can improve your driver coaching, reduce incidents, and improve your claims management process .