GBA Services Improves Fleet Safety with SureCam


SureCam and GBA Services Team Up and Improve Fleet Safety


GBA Services is a leading provider of dedicated transport solutions with expertise in road, air and ocean freight. Headquartered in Preston, Lancashire, the company operates a mixed fleet of vehicles from 12 locations in the UK, Poland and Austria, providing a pan-European service covering general haulage, pharmaceutical, high security and automotive logistics requirements.


  • Improved road safety with reduced accident rates
  • Increased capability to prove fault for efficient claims management
  • Enhanced engagement with drivers to target added benefits
  • Return on investment within 24 months


GBA is committed to achieving the highest safety standards, so wanted a vehicle camera solution that would help reduce accidents, protect drivers and minimise the impact of its fleet on other road users. In addition, the company was also looking to achieve secondary benefits such as insurance savings, fleet productivity and operational efficiencies.


GBA selected SureCam’s IT1000 connected dash camera following a detailed review of the marketplace, undertaking an initial trial of the technology in January 2015. Following a successful evaluation period, the company rolled out the technology to 200 vehicles made up of both vans and HGVs.

“What particularly appealed to us is the real-time visibility of any incidents involving our vehicle, whether this is a collision, near miss or harsh driving event,” explains Nick Tissot, GBA Service’s Security and Safety Manager. “In one instance when contacted by a member of the public regarding a crash involving one of our vehicles we already had access to the footage, so we could respond to the situation and take appropriate steps straight away.”

Instant Visibility

GBA is now immediately alerted of any incident wherever the vehicle is located, with access to high definition footage and supporting data within seconds, so it can quickly show if the driver is safe, who was at fault and what action is required. The driver can also activate a panic button to make a recording of an event that may not have otherwise been triggered, such as road rage or threatening behaviour. The IT1000s use a combination of both UK and European SIM cards provided by O2 Telefonica to achieve a full cross border solution, which are then managed by SureCam using Cisco Jasper’s Control Center.

The IT1000 is not only providing peace of mind regarding the welfare of drivers, but also achieving insurance savings by challenging fraudulent claims or proving third-party liability in 50/50 cases. Moreover, when a GBA driver is at fault it is possible to streamline the claims process to save both time and resources, while minimising the disruption to other involved parties. As a result, the company is expecting that the vehicle cameras will have paid for themselves by the end of 2017.

According to Tissot, GBA has significantly increased its ability to determine liability since installing the vehicle cameras. “There has been a number occasions where the IT1000 has proven to be invaluable and this has been a big positive for us. Even when one of our drivers was away from his vehicle, we were able to demonstrate that a trailer had reversed into it and left the scene without reporting the incident. We had irrefutable evidence which meant the company involved met the full cost of the repair.”

Responsible driving

The IT1000 connected dash cameras have already become an important part of GBA’s safety programme, with the company monitoring triggered historical events to establish trends or detect areas of improvement. It has been able to measure the effectiveness of vehicle safety equipment, allowing it to adapt and refine guidelines to improve driving performance. Meanwhile, the vehicle cameras have also made it possible to identify particular drivers that may benefit from increased employee engagement or targeted training.

Elsewhere, the company is using videos as learning tools within driver training sessions and as part of induction courses in order to communicate GBA’s safety message. It is also looking at ways of using the vehicle cameras to encourage improved driver behaviour that would help improve fleet efficiency and productivity.

“We have been able to track repeated events, which suggests certain drivers have been driving to hard or harshly,” says Tissot. “We can then investigate further to see whether there is excessively high fuel use or wear and tear and then work with our team to improve the standard of driving and achieve measurable results.”