Anglia UK Installs SureCam Cameras To Reduce Claims Costs


Anglia UK Reduces Claims Costs SureCam

Anglia UK, specialists in vehicle credit management, has experienced significant reductions in insurance claims cost while using SureCam, a connected vehicle camera solution. Anglia UK originally installed the cameras to their commercial fleet to improve driver safety, but the SureCam vehicle cameras have also enabled them to address false allegations of driver error.

The cameras have assisted Anglia UK in capturing hit and run incidents and collecting video evidence of the incidents. Additionally, Anglia UK has been able to use the video footage in court and to reduce insurance claims. Since installing SureCam, the company found that 90% of claims made against them have been dismissed or acknowledged by third party insurance providers.

Camera Testimonials

Sue Dewing of Anglia UK said, “The Surecam system provides first-class video footage and back-office support. A tracker that was fitted to our haulage vehicle was located and removed by the thieves; but they failed to appreciate that the SureCam system provided an up-to-date location of our vehicle as it travelled. This allowed us to liaise with two police forces and provide almost ‘real-time’ tracking resulting in four persons arrested. Map locations provided evidence for court and assisted the police greatly.”

“Additionally, SureCam’s cloud-based platform will provide Anglia UK with instant visibility into driving behavior and incidents.” SureCam’s UK Sales and Marketing Director Ian Hoskins said, “When an incident does occur, within seconds, our clients know what happened and can take control of the claims management process.”