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Reduce claims and protect your fleet

Your goal is reducing claims costs and increasing safety across your fleet. Our goal is to help you get there with network connected dash cams without breaking the bank.

Smart dashcam incident replay

“I don’t view our investment in SureCam as a cost, it’s a profit-center. Last year alone, our claims losses reduced by over 80%.”

Sam Lansberry II , Lansberry Trucking

Improve safety and minimize claims costs with SureCam’s network-connected dashcams.

We believe every fleet, from five vehicles to 5,000, should have access to the same best-in-class technology that provides real-time visibility into what’s happening on the road -- at an affordable price.


Frequently Asked questions

How do I?...

What is a Connected Camera?

Though dash cams have been in use for years, the way video is shared and stored has evolved. Truck dash cams used to rely on SD cards to store and share video. Now, connected dash cams instantly transmit video to the cloud.

Truck Dash Cam Features Checklist

Choosing a camera solution for your fleet is an important decision. Our 9-point checklist can help you decide what features your fleet really needs without paying for extras that you won’t use.

Driver Incentive Programs

Driver safety incentive programs give fleet safety directors a way to recognize and reward safe driving. Using video can make it easier to implement an incentive program.

Investing in Connected Dash Camera Technology

Many companies are unsure whether it’s the right time to invest in this technology. We know that fleets have to balance a number of priorities, but most SureCam clients will tell you that the right time to install cameras is as soon as possible.