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Safeguarding Drivers with Advanced Fleet Safety Technology

Enhancing Driver Security

From Aggression to Assurance: Safeguarding Drivers with Advanced Fleet Safety Technology

Drivers are facing increasing aggression as they carry out their work. But, how do you respond to live incidents immediately?

Technology has evolved rapidly to provide instant response to emergency situations to protect the driver and not just record it. SureCam and Peoplesafe recently sponsored a panel discussion on the rising issues facing the mobile workforce and how fleets are leveraging technology to enhance the safety their workers and drivers. Also discussed is what companies are doing from a cultural and organisational perspective to foster a safer work environment.

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Key Takeaways

  • Adapting to a Changing Work Landscape: Delve into the evolving work dynamics and the heightened significance of safeguarding lone workers.  
  • The Power of Fleet Technology: Discover how cutting-edge fleet technology like dash cameras integrated with personal safety apps can mitigate risk and enhance lone worker safety.  
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of industry leaders who will share their expertise and best practices for enhancing lone worker protection. 


Lee Jackson


Lee Jackson 

Board Director at the AFP 

(Association of Fleet Professionals)
Lee has over 20 years of experience in the fleet sector and has held senior positions at HSS Hire Service Group, PPS Commercials, ERS Medical, Stericycle, Martson Holdings and currently the OCU Group. Lee is renowned within the industry for innovation and implementing new technologies that are very much mitigate risk and health safety focused

Philip Read_Photo


Philip Read


Head of Safety, Health, Risk & Resilience, G4S 

Phil Read, with over two decades of safety and health expertise, began his career as a Royal Navy marine engineer and later retired as a Detective Sergeant in the police force. He excelled as a senior risk manager in insurance and is now the Head of Safety, Health, Risk & Resilience at G4S Health Services.




Mark Ryder
Chief Commercial Officer

Mark has over 20 years’ leadership experience in companies including Colt Technology services, Verizon, Level 3(Lumen) and Geo (Zayo) – two of which were included in The Times fastest growing tech companies in the UK. These roles operated across the Enterprise, SME and public sector and included direct and indirect GTM channels in the UK, Europe, and Asia.




Sam Footer
Director of Partnerships

Sam, a co-founder of SureCam, boasts a decade in video telematics. As Partnership Director, he works with some of the largest enterprise fleets in the UK. He has established key relationships with fleet and business technology leaders driving groundbreaking vehicle and driver safety solutions.



SureCam Vehicle Tracking & Video

There are a number of great fleet camera system providers out there, but none of them specialize in small management teams quite like we do.
We have designed every aspect of our combined vehicle tracking and video service with small teams in mind — from our fleet dash camera tech to our online platform, from our monthly subscription plans to our new customer training and ongoing support — we make it easy.

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Peoplesafe logo color

Putting people at the heart of safety

Peoplesafe is an industry leading, UK-based technology-led employee safety business. Through our range of safety devices every worker – from those at the highest risk down to the lowest risk – can benefit from 24/7 protection. With over 20 years’ experience in the lone worker industry, we have used pioneering technology to create our end-to-end service that does not rely on third parties.
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