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Fleet size 3-25


£22per vehicle/month

£26per vehicle/month

£28per vehicle/month

For capturing road incidents on video whilst maintaining driver privacySchedule a call
For capturing road incidents and in-cab eventsSchedule a call
For capturing incidents in front of and behind your vehicles whilst maintaining driver privacySchedule a call
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Fleet size 3-25


£24per vehicle/month

£28per vehicle/month

£30per vehicle/month

For managing fleet safety whilst maintaining driver privacySchedule a call
For managing fleet safety with in-cab video for driver coachingSchedule a call
For managing fleet safety with front and rear exterior viewsSchedule a call
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Fleet size 26+



For big business operations with driver privacy in mindGet pricing
For big business operations with driver coaching in mindGet pricing
For big business operations wanting ultimate incident view coverageGet pricing
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Plans & Billing FAQs

SureCam is a powerful video telematics platform purpose-built with small management teams in mind. If you are serious about fleet safety, but don't have an entire department dedicated to managing it, you will find that SureCam helps you get the visibility you need to tame the chaos of your fleet.

Whether you need to protect your business from false claims or identify and improve risky driving behaviours, we help you determine what video telematics data is most actionable for your operation and develop a game plan to achieve real gains.

No data overload. All action

We like to keep things simple at SureCam. That's why we bundle all of your camera hardware, software, and data costs into one affordable monthly subscription agreement.

This allows you to skip the expensive upfront cost of purchasing dash camera technology, eliminate the hassle of owning and replacing aging equipment, and easily change camera views and plans as your business needs change.

Other than the cost of shipping your dash cameras to you and the cost of installation (should you choose SureCam as your installer), you should not expect any additional costs to get started with SureCam.

Most of our UK-based customers choose to have a SureCam Engineer fit their SureCam devices in their vehicles to ensure quick and successful installations. Our customer success team will work with you during your new customer onboarding period to coordinate the fitting of your dashcams at your location of choice.

If you choose to self-install your devices, you can utilize SureCam’s step-by-step installation app to ensure your devices are fitted properly.

Absolutely! The SureCam monthly subscription programme provides the ultimate flexibility when it comes to your subscription plan and optional add-on features. In fact, we recommend that you start with a plan that is easily manageable for your operation and upgrade as your capabilities grow.
Absolutely! The SureCam monthly subscription programme allows you to easily change up your preferred camera views as your business needs change. Once installed, our dash cameras can be easily swapped for different configurations.
We safely and securely process automatic monthly payments through ACH direct debit withdrawals and credit cards. Our billing practices uphold strict PCI compliance standards to ensure the safety of your payment information.

We like to keep things simple and straightforward. Your SureCam hardware is covered under warranty for as long as you have an active subscription agreement. If you have issues with a dash camera that can't be quickly resolved remotely, we will ship you a replacement. Hassle free.

Now if a camera was lost or destroyed in an accident, a modest replacement fee will apply. We are always happy to talk more about that.

The pricing provided above is specific to small fleets using our standard 36-month subscription agreement. We do offer a few different contract terms here at SureCam if you need more flexibility and simply adjust the monthly pricing accordingly. Schedule a call for a quote customized to your business needs.

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What people say

Why SureCam

There are a number of great fleet video providers out there, but none of them specialize in small teams quite like we do.

The proof is in the results: on average, SureCam customers see a 55% reduction in incidents and a 62% reduction in claims costs. Schedule a call

We know what it’s like to try and keep your team safe all the while wearing many hats for the business. You can’t be everywhere, but you NEED to be everywhere.

That’s why we have designed every aspect of our service — from our dash camera tech to our online platform, from our rental plans to our new customer training and ongoing support — with small teams in mind.

In fact, we believe that you don’t need to have a large team to make a big impact on safety. Many of our customers only have one person looking after safety (and that person is usually focused on other needs for the business as well).

Every fleet, from five vehicles to 5,000, should have access to the same best-in-class technology that provides real-time visibility into what’s happening on the road. And, you shouldn’t have to dedicate a lot of time, people, and resources to effectively use it.

With so much to do, we are on a mission to make safety easily happen for you.