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[ST. LOUIS, MO, Feb.8, 2022] Fleet operators can now remotely access live video from their SureCam connected dash camera devices with SureCam LiveCheck. SureCam, one of the fastest growing video telematics providers in North America and Europe’s leading provider of connected dash camera technology, has rolled out a new functionality that allows fleet managers the option to stream live video in a data efficient method from their fleet vehicles anytime and anywhere.

“Our customers are busy running their businesses, and sometimes need immediate access to know what’s happening in and around their vehicles,” said Max Hillman, President. “LiveCheck was designed to help our customers solve real world problems without being burdened with information they don’t need.”


With SureCam LiveCheck, owners and managers can help resolve everyday situations and support their drivers in real time.

Maneri Traffic Control, a SureCam customer that has specialized in traffic control solutions since 2006, has been using the LiveCheck feature for several months.

“With our exterior SureCam view facing the job sites, LiveCheck gives me the ability to instantly conduct safety audits and see how our team is doing,” said Karla Cordero, the company’s safety administrator. “We just want to keep our employees, and the people driving on the roads and freeways safe. It’s our number one priority. Safety for our employees and everyone else around us.”


With SureCam LiveCheck, managers can also help employees troubleshoot everyday situations like blocked access to job sites and questions about deliveries or materials. The live video allows managers to view what their employees see to provide a level of support as if they were in the vehicle with them.

“We are seeing customers use LiveCheck for everything from random safety checks, to assisting drivers, to responding to call-ins and complaints,” Hillman said. “LiveCheck isn’t just about the driver. We are seeing some of our heaviest usage with customers that have exterior or rear-view cameras.”


Safety audits and compliance checks through SureCam LiveCheck are best executed when paired with one of SureCam’s interior-view cameras or rear-view cameras. When leveraging an interior-view, fleet operators can perform real-time audits of compliance with seat belt and distracted driving policies. When utilized with a rear-view camera, fleet operators can perform real-time audits of safety practices while loading, unloading, and securing equipment behind the vehicle.

See SureCam LiveCheck in action:

SureCam’s LiveCheck empowers businesses to keep their field operations running safely and efficiently through live video. It helps managers respond to issues in real-time and better support their employees out on the road.

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