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VISIONTRACK ALTERNATIVE: An Affordable, Easy Installation Fleet Camera Solution.

As a Transport Manager, gaining visibility of your fleet and ensuring the safety of your drivers is vital. Using connected dashcams is one of the best ways you can be proactive about driver safety and controlling insurance costs. The market is flooded with all types of connected camera technology and making the right choice can be a challenge for fleet managers. When reviewing dashcam providers, it’s important to consider what problems or challenges you’re trying to solve. This could be reducing claims costs, driver coaching or improving fleet safety as you scale your business. Then review fleet dashcam providers, dashcam features and services focusing on what help you achieve your goals.


For fleet managers that want advanced insight and reporting as well as video evidence to see what actually happened, combining dash cameras and telematics can be very powerful. With vehicle camera systems such as VisionTrack, you are restricted to their telematics solution which isn’t ideal if you already have a telematics provider and you only need dash cams. 

SureCam’s connected dash cams are a great alternative to VisionTrack. Our smart dash cams have an open API which allows you to integrate with any system you desire. SureCam also offers an integrated video and tracking platform, which includes essential telematics features combined with the power of video evidence.  

We are the preferred video technology partner for many of the world’s leading telematics providers.
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SureCam gives you the choice between self-managed and fully-managed fleet dashcam service. If you have don’t have the resources in-house to monitor incident footage, the fully managed service is an option to consider. With SureCam’s managed service, crash specialists will review your incident videos 24/7 all year round and provide you with quick and timely feedback on incidents that require immediate action. 

Unlike VisionTrack, SureCam’s managed service is quick and responsive.
Within one hour of a serious incident or near-miss occurring, our advisers will review, grade and alert you of the event. Our service speeds up first notification of loss (FNOL) enabling you to get ahead of the claims process and significantly reduce insurance costs.


SureCam offers clients an automated risk management solution that streamlines the claims process and delivers significant ROI for fleet operators. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, SureCam combines existing fleet dashcam data with driver behaviour data from your telematics. The data is captured and analysed to produce risk management reports enabling you to understand potential measures of exposure to risky driving behaviour which you can share with your insurers. 

Fleets are successfully using our platform to automate their risk management processes, prioritise driver coaching effectively and optimise FNOL. This means that any cost savings made by driving out risk and shortening the claims process will go straight to your bottom line.

VisionTrack and many VisionTrack competitors do not currently offer clients such predictive analysis that can be used to secure competitive insurance deals.


VisionTrack competitors prioritise support requests by the number of cameras or level of support you’ve purchased. At SureCam, we believe that our customers are equally important. No matter how small or large your fleet, SureCam provides the same level of customer service and support. 

As a specialist provider of network-connected dashcams, SureCam has the knowledge and expertise to support you throughout your purchase, installation and after support. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your current telematics system with network-connected dash cams, or you’d like to implement a fully-managed video and data system, we can help you create the wireless dashcam solution that’s right for your company. 

Looking for an alternative to VisionTrack? SureCam may be the right option for you. 

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