Video Monitoring Service for Fleets

24/7 Dash Camera Video Monitoring Service for Fleets

Some fleets that have round the clock operations without an office staff that is available 24/7 find that they need a higher degree of risk management to ensure they are taking a proactive approach to safety.

SureCam offers round the clock protection and intervention for fleets of any size through its fleet video monitoring managed service, giving busy fleet managers full-time support and the ability to respond quickly to critical events happening within their fleets.

With SureCam’s 24/7/365 video monitoring service, our specialist team monitors and alerts you of driving incidents in real-time ensuring that your fleet’s safety standards are maintained.

How it works:

Our highly trained advisors monitor footage from your connected dash cams 24/7 all year round. Within one hour of a serious incident or near-miss occurring, our advisers will review, grade and alert you of the event. The service is entirely tailored for your business.

An email notification is sent to users in your business with a detailed incident report and the supporting video evidence.

Alerts can be sent to different recipients based on the grade given. For example, a near- miss may be sent to your designated driver, trainer or a manager, while a serious road traffic incident could be shared with senior managers and your claims handler to ensure a quick effective response.


  • FNOL reporting to help you reduce the time and cost of insurance claims
  • Increase fleet efficiency and reduce wear and tear
  • Improve driver behaviour though targeted coaching and engagement
  • Boost road safety and ultimately save lives
  • Enhance duty of care and increase brand protection

Designed for fleets who have:

  • Connected cameras but are unable to commit resources to monitoring every video
  • 24-hour operations, without active 24/7 office support
  • Self-insured plans or have large excess policies and are looking to manage their risk
  • With cross-border operations

Contact SureCam to learn how your business can benefit from our video monitoring service.