Dual Facing Dash Cameras for Fleets | Front and Rear Dash Cams

Dual-Facing Dash Camera Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

Dual-facing connected dash cams provide two video perspectives when incidents occur, allowing fleet managers maximum visibility into the operations of their fleets. SureCam’s dual-facing dash cam system provides an instant view of both the road and what happened inside the cab, allowing safety managers to respond in near-real time to incidents as they happen and improve driver behavior through ongoing video-supported coaching.

The dual-facing dash cam system has two hardware components: a forward-facing camera that mounts to the windshield and offers a view of the road, and a secondary camera that is installed anywhere in the cab. The SureCam system transmits videos simultaneously from both cameras within 15 seconds of an incident, providing instant visibility and the ability to quickly resolve liability.

Use the Dual-Facing Dash Camera as a Front and Rear Dash Camera

SureCam offers a flexible connected dual-facing dash camera solution, allowing fleet managers to configure the dual-camera dash cam as a connected front and rear dash camera solution. This is ideal for fleet operators who want a secondary view out of the rear of the vehicle or down the side of the vehicle when incidents occur rather than a view of the driver.

What is a Dual-Facing Dash Camera?

Dual facing dash cams record the road and the interior of the cab and are used to capture driving incidents, support driver coaching, and to decrease risky driving. They can also help identify seat belt violations, distracted driving, littering, and other inappropriate driver behaviors.

SureCam offers a connected dual-facing dash cam solution that provides fleet managers with near-real time notifications and instant access to fleet video.

How does the Dual-Facing Dash Camera Work At Night?

If risky or distracted driving happens at night, SureCam’s infrared in-cab dash cams provide clear visibility for fleet managers. Our high-definition infrared footage ensures safety managers won’t miss an incident due to low-light conditions.

Best Connected Dual Dash Camera Solution

SureCam offers a robust hardware and software solution that combines German designed and manufactured dash cameras with an easy-to-navigate online platform. SureCam connected dash cameras are ruggedly designed to withstand the harsh vibrations and temperatures found in transportation. Fleet operators access video footage and supporting incident data through SureCam’s online platform, giving fleet managers instant access to incident, g-force and GPS location information around the clock.

How It Works

  1. An accident or harsh g-force event triggers the on-board g-force sensors in the SureCam dash camera
  2. Video is instantly uploaded over cellular network to SureCam’s secure online platform
  3. You receive a notification telling you an incident occurred within your fleet and video is ready to view

SureCam Dual Facing Dash Cam Features and Benefits

  • Know when incidents occur in your fleet with the instant upload of video footage
  • Investigate claims made against your drivers with up to 40 hours of drive time recorded footage available for review
  • Choose the dual-camera views that are best for you with flexible mount options offering you a view of the road, driver, rearview, or down the side of the vehicle
  • Achieve clear visibility in low-light conditions with infrared night vision
  • Combine fleet video with GPS track and trace functionality to unleash the telematics data made available through SureCam connected dash cameras with the SureCam View Pro online platform


Designed to be compatible with commercial vehicles of all uses and sizes, companies can utilize a single SureCam dash camera solution across all vehicles in their fleets. Camera sensitivity can be easily updated remotely through the online platform so that you are only receiving and responding to alerts that matter most to you.

In addition to the benefits of SureCam forward-facing dash cams, dual-facing dash cameras enable fleets to improve driver coaching and increase operational efficiency. Fleets that utilize connected dash cameras often see an instant reduction in risky driving behaviors.

Interested in SureCam’s’ dual-facing dash cam solution? SureCam bundles all hardware and software into one affordable monthly payment. Request pricing today.