Dual Camera Solutions to Protect Drivers and Fleets

Dual facing connected dash cams are designed to improve driver coaching and provide fleet managers with better visibility to the operations of their fleets. SureCam’s dual facing dash cam system provides safety managers with an instant view of both the road and what happened inside the cab. The dual cam system uses a g-force sensor to trigger an automatic upload of video footage after an incident, and to capture other supporting data for the fleet.

Dual-facing dash cam systems have two hardware components: a forward-facing camera that mounts to the windshield, and a secondary camera is installed in the cab with a view of the driver. The SureCam system transmits both videos within 15 seconds of an incident, providing instant visibility and resolving liability.


What is a Dual-Facing Dash Camera?

Dual facing dash cams record the road and the interior of the cab and are used to support driver coaching and to decrease risky driving. They can also help identify seat belt violations, littering, and other inappropriate driver behaviours.

If risky or distracted driving happens at night, SureCam’s infrared dual-facing dash cams provide clear visibility for fleet managers. Our high-definition infrared footage ensures safety managers won’t miss an incident due to low-light conditions or unlit roads.

Front and Rear Dash Cam

Dual-facing dash cams may also be referred to as “front and rear dash cams” if the secondary camera is positioned to face the rear of the vehicle rather than the road. SureCam’s dual-facing dash cam is most commonly used to record the interior of the cab. This allows fleets full visibility into driver behaviour which will in turn improve driver coaching and exonerate not-at-fault drivers.

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

SureCam’s hardware is German designed and manufactured, and is equipped with full HD (720p), 25 frames per second, and an IP69 rating. Some alternative hardware is susceptible to damage from water, dust, and vibration, but SureCam’s dual-facing dash cams are highly engineered to withstand the elements of transportation.

In addition to the benefits of SureCam forward-facing dash cams, dual-facing cameras enable fleets to improve driving coaching, reduce risky driving behaviours, and improve operational efficiency.