It’s been over a year since GDPR came into effect. Most businesses have taken active steps to ensure compliance and protect client data.

GDPR applies to all data related to a living person and excludes data related to an entity. So, what does that mean in the context of vehicle dash cams?

Much of the footage SureCam devices capture is not personal data. Additionally, SureCam has a responsibility to maintain any data that could be used in court. That being said, SureCam takes privacy very seriously and we have taken several critical steps to ensure that our business operations and our software platform are GDPR compliant.
  • We are GDPR compliant. We treat our customer and employee data seriously and make sure that our webforms and other data collection methods comply with GDPR.
  • SureCam also employs a GDPR data protection officer to ensure that we meet the requirements of the law.
  • Our GDPR practitioner has worked with all of our data processing partners to ensure that your privacy is protected. SureCam has agreements in place with each of these partners that they will maintain GDPR compliance.
  • SureCam is ISO27001 certified.

Privacy is important to SureCam and we have built our platform with it in mind. Our devices are event-based to ensure that safety managers and other staff cannot login to watch drivers in real-time and only have access to video when there is an incident. Click here to read our privacy policy. Contact us if you have any questions about how SureCam protects our clients’ privacy or about GDPR compliance.