Investing in Forward-Facing Dash Cameras: What fleets need to know  

Considering A Forward-Facing Dash Camera?  

The best dash camera for your fleet will be one that helps you meet your business’s goals – whether those are improving safety, reducing claims costs, or both. Telematics has evolved into a large, ever-growing industry with many different options to choose from so doing your research on the different products is paramount to making the right investment.  

Video-based telematics devices, such as forward-facing or “road facing” connected dash cameras, keep an eye on your fleet when you cannot. The added security provided by live footage in the event of an accident can allow you to get ahead of a number of costly legal battles and help protect your team and your bottom line. When selecting the right road facing dash camera for your business, there are several factors to weigh and consider. 

Forward-Facing Dash Camera Capabilities  

Forward-Facing Dash Camera Hardware  

Some dash cameras come bundled with both a forward and dual-facing camera all in one where you can select which view you want to use at a given time. The SureCam platform is a very cost-effective option in that it allows you to choose from either our forward-facing or our dual-facing connected dash camera system so you do not have to pay for technology you don’t intend to use.  

SureCam’s forward-facing connected dash camera is made from sturdy German-engineered hardware and mounted directly onto the windshield with commercial grade adhesive. Simple and streamlined, the installation consists of a 3 wire install with optional inputs for additional hardware that allows for advanced recording options such as button activated recording. This can be useful for vehicles like tow trucks, dump trucks, or construction fleets that need recorded footage of specific events. 

Forward-Facing Dash Camera Features  

SureCam’s forward-facing connected dash camera offers an impressive 110° degree field of view in conjunction with HD quality video. The wide field of view offers clear visibility through the front of the vehicle allowing you to capture the footage of an incident and get ahead of any false claims related to hit-and-runs, rear-endings, lane change collisions, cyclist claims, and more.  

Our accompanying online platform offers an organized, user-friendly interface that allows you to receive instant notifications when an incident occursIncident video footage is captured based on custom set g-force trigger settings, ensuring that you receive high-quality video for incidents that matter to you while filtering out the noise of everyday fleet activities.  

SureCam forward-facing features at a glance:  

  • High-quality video with a 110° field of view 
  • Online platform for viewing fleet video 
  • Simple, streamlined 3-wire installation process 
  • Instant incident notifications customizable through remote configuration 

Benefits of Forward-Facing Dash Cameras  

Adding connected dash camera devices to your vehicles adds an additional layer of security that is invaluable for fleets in the modern-day transportation industry. False claims are an issue that has been affecting fleets at record highs today as drivers are often blamed for accidents when they were not at fault. This can bring about a number of issues for your business such as: 

  • Negative brand awareness 
  • Increasing insurance premiums 
  • Costly legal feels 


Fortunately, investing in connected dash camera technology has the ability to greatly benefit your fleet. Businesses that invested in connected cameras have seen some of the following benefits:  

  • Driver-friendly video monitoring option 
  • Reduced claims costs 
  • Safer driving practices from their team 
  • Lower insurance premiums 
  • Fewer overall accidents  


With the installation of a forward-facing connected dash camera, you have the ability to receive real-time footage of what actually occurred in the event of an incident. The notification will be sent directly to your email inbox for you to review. Having this footage in near real-time allows you to submit a timely First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report and gives you the proof of innocence you need to exonerate your driver. This can help eliminate the need for costly legal proceedings and allows you to get back to business.  

FNOL at a Glance

In addition to the claims-reducing benefits of connected dash cameras, they also offer a unique opportunity for coaching and best-practice promotion. For example, you can use the footage to highlight safe driving behaviors and review footage with your team during safety meetings. By offering this professional development opportunity for your team, you can provide them with the resources they need to be successful in their position and help stop accidents before they start. If you would like to take your coaching practice a step further, you can use camera footage to set up a Safety Incentive Program for you drivers to help motivate your team down the line as well.  

Overcoming Driver Concerns About Forward-Facing Dash Cameras  

While you know that connected dash cameras are a good investment, many managers often worry about how their team will react to the technology. A common concern we hear is that drivers will feel like they will be spied on; however, this is not the case.  

Forward Facing or Road Facing Dash Camera Benefits

SureCam’s forward-facing dash camera offers a unique combination of security for your business and privacy for your team. While our dash camera platform does continuously record, it does not offer a live view option so footage is only transmitted in the event of an incident. If footage is needed from a particular past date and time that wasn’t captured in the platform as a g-force triggered incident, it can be remotely retrieved from the device through SureCam’s online platform. This “incident only” fleet video monitoring model is more widely accepted by drivers. Additionally, seeing as the camera faces the road, drivers have the added piece of mind of knowing they are not being recorded in their cabin.  

It is also important to mention that even outside of the specific forward-facing dash camera features, many drivers tend to react positively to cameras when they find out how the technology can benefit them in the long run. Be sure to mention some of the following benefits including:  

  • Fewer incident occurrences  
  • Reduced claims costs for the business 
  • Increased employee retention through exoneration  
  • Professional development opportunities  
  • Rewards and incentives for safe driving  


We find that being honest and upfront with your team about the reason you decided to invest in a connected dash camera is often the best option to help make your drivers more comfortable. Consider hosting an annual safety meeting to go over the reason for your investment,  how the dash cameras operate, and how the footage will be used so everyone is on the same page.  

Why You Should Consider a Forward-Facing Camera?  

Sturdy and reliable, SureCam’s forward-facing dash camera offers you the valuable, ROI boosting security you need to keep your fleet running safely and efficiently in an increasingly tech-based world. The high definition footage and customized trigger settings can be used in multiple scenarios to both protect and help develop your team. With so many benefits from footage bundled into an easy to manage online platform, SureCam’s forward-facing dash camera is a great investment for your fleet and an excellent fleet video monitoring solution for fleets with concerned drivers 

Interested in knowing more about what investing in forward-facing connected dash cameras would look like for your business? Check our prices for forward-facing or road-facing connected dash cameras.