Alternative to Samsara

Samsara Alternative: An Affordable, Easy Installation Fleet Camera Solution

When you’re in charge of a fleet’s safety, the decisions you make play a significant part in your drivers’ well-being. It’s also up to you to make responsible choices that support your company’s financial health. As a safety manager, you’ll want to take every opportunity to do a thorough job. Your drivers aren’t just numbers–they’re your colleagues and friends, and they’re the lifeblood of your company. Balancing the twin goals of maximizing safety while minimizing cost can be demanding. Today’s telematics are designed to help you protect your drivers, but systems like Samsara provide only a one-size-fits-all approach. With SureCam, you have the freedom to create a system that’s customized to meet your company’s unique needs. From the start, our network-connected dash cams streamline every step of the process. Whatever your fleet’s needs, we can help you create a budget-friendly, effective solution.

It’s no easy feat to oversee any size fleet, but SureCam makes it simple. We give you a smarter way to receive the data and video you need. SureCam’s wireless dash cams provide a streamlined, lower-cost alternative to Samsara. With cloud-connected tech, your drivers no longer have to spend time transferring data from fragile, easily misplaced SD cards. Network-connected dash cams transmit video and data via cellular network, giving you instant access to live video and important metrics. Your drivers have one less task to check off their lists, too, allowing them to keep their focus where it should be: on the road ahead.

One of SureCam’s most significant advantages over Samsara is the option to choose between fully-managed and self-managed solutions. Samsara is a fully-managed solution, and full-service comes with all the associated costs. Some fleets don’t need the features included in a fully-managed system. SureCam’s reliable, cloud-based technology fills in the gaps, making self-management a great option. We offer you an alternative to Samsara, and offers you the choice this is an area where they can find real savings. Self-management eliminates the overhead costs that come along with fully-managed solutions.

The ability to customize your system begins when you install your fleet cams. You decide if you’d like in-cab cameras, forward-facing cameras, or both. Then, you can decide where you’d like them positioned. Once you’ve got your cameras set up, you can choose the types of driving behaviors that will alert the system. Whether you’re interested in U-turns, sudden braking, aggressive acceleration, or all three, you’re in control. You can also adjust the severity of the behaviors within the settings. No matter how many vehicles you’re overseeing, SureCam allows you to get a comprehensive view of the metrics that matter without the expense that comes with the majority of Samsara competitors.

With SureCam, you’re free to choose between self-managed and fully-managed service. If a fully-managed service is right for your company, SureCam’s experienced product specialists will review your footage. Then, they’ll provide you with valuable, insightful feedback that’s tailored to meet your company’s needs. The key difference between SureCam and other alternatives to Samsara is that we also allow you to choose a self-managed solution. Our network-connected cameras are a reliable, cost-effective solution for fleets that don’t use all of the features that come with fully-managed systems.

Whether you choose a fully-managed or self-managed service, SureCam can help you improve your drivers’ safety and control your claims costs. We don’t require you to subscribe to expensive plans like Samsara and alternatives to Samsara. Instead, we allow you to choose the services that make the most sense for you, saving you money and reducing the hassle that comes with navigating features that aren’t relevant to your fleet. And regardless of your fleet’s size, SureCam is dedicated to providing the same excellent service and support to each of our clients.

Cloud-based cameras can help you to control insurance costs, too. When an incident occurs, clients of other fully-managed systems may wait up to 12 hours before receiving video, but our network-connected cameras deliver video in seconds. This helps you get out in front of the claims process, saving you time and money. SureCam also gives you the ability to go live, so you can make sure your driver’s OK if an incident occurs. We’re committed to helping you protect your most valuable asset–your team.

For safety managers looking for an alternative to Samsara, SureCam may be the right solution for you. With SureCam, you can feel secure knowing our connected cameras are on your side. We give you the information you need without the cost associated with most Samsara competitors. For more information about how SureCam can help your fleet increase safety and cost-efficiency, contact our product specialists.