Vulcraft Carrier



Vulcraft Carrier, a company that manufactures steel joists and decking for America’s businesses, warehouses, schools and gymnasiums, is a model of why SureCam LiveCheck make sense in the commercial carrier industry.

The Vulcraft Carrier division in Norfolk, Nebraska, is part of seven Vulcraft divisions across the United States.

Rande Osberg, truck shop and driver supervisor based in the Norfolk location, said since making the switch to SureCam’s connected dash camera technology, Vulcraft Carrier can create a clear picture of what is going on outside of its trucks.


SureCam LiveCheck helps Vulcraft see what its drivers see. Whether viewing road conditions or checking the security of the load, the functionality allows Vulcraft managers to help their drivers in real-time if they run into issues on the road.

The primary reason for adopting video technology was to prevent accidents and potential damage to company product while unloading. The company uses both forward and rear-road-facing connected dash cameras to reinforce safe driving habits.

Vulcraft’s fully loaded commercial trucks can be up to 80-feet long, so monitoring and coaching driver behaviors on the road can be the difference between a safe and successful transport and a dangerous accident. Supervisors rely on fleet video to monitor details like the angles their vehicles enter turns to make certain that company best practices are being upheld.

The rear-road-facing camera combined with SureCam LiveCheck is used to view the unloading of Vulcraft products at the jobsite. In the event of product damage caused by forklift operators on-site, the company has video ready to capture and document the cause of the damage.

In this industry, dents to products and property can be costly – sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars to remedy on top of the time and productivity lost to inspections and reports. That’s why a reliable video monitoring system was essential for Osberg and his crew.

“It’s really nice,” Osberg said. “I get to know instantly if the driver is having problems at the job site. We now have our eyes on the problem instantly.”


Vulcraft Carrier’s parent company, Nucor Corporation, is a producer of steel and related products based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the largest steel producer in the United States. It is also the biggest recycler of scrap in North America. The focus on safety starts at the top with Nucor prioritizing safety across its holdings.

“Our goal is to become the world’s safest steel company and we also want to be the safest carrier company as well,” Osberg said.


SureCam LiveCheck allows Vulcraft supervisors to tap into their fleet video and remotely see what their drivers are encountering in real-time. The added context that video provides allows them to provide instant support. This helps them take safety to the next level.

“We just want to make sure the driver leaves and comes home in the same condition he left in,” Osberg said.