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SureCam Makes Fleet Video Telematics Accessible For Smaller Fleets

SureCam, the UK’s leading provider of connected dash camera technology and fleet video monitoring solutions, introduced a dash camera rental model that allows businesses to bundle hardware and software into one monthly payment. The rental model is designed to allow small and medium sized businesses with fleets to access the cost-saving advantages of video monitoring. 

“The initial cost to get started with connected dash cameras has historically been quite prohibitive for small and midsize fleets,” explains Justin White, managing director at SureCam’s UK operation. Our blue chip fleets are well positioned to invest in the up-front costs for camera hardware, but we found that the thousands of pounds in startup costs was holding smaller businesses back from adopting this technology that has been proven to reduce the overall number of safety incidents and claims costs within fleets.” 

How the rental model works

Through SureCam’s connected camera rental model, businesses of all sizes pay a monthly fee to remotely access event-triggered fleet video in near-real time. In addition to video, SureCam’s online platform puts fleet risk reporting, vehicle location tracking, and history trip reporting at the fingertips of fleet operators. SureCam connected dash camera users have the option of utilizing SureCam’s live monitoring services to cover their busy fleets with 24/7 monitoring and reporting.  


“Since formalizing our connected camera rental model80% of all new agreements in the last quarter have been rentals.  We tested the model successfully in 2019 and saw an enormous uptake out of the gate. Seeing this overwhelming embrace has only affirmed what we were hearing from our customers and seeing in the market,” said White. “Small and medium sized businesses want access to fleet video monitoring and they need a partner that makes it more accessible to them.” 

Rental model benefits

The benefits of the rental model for businesses are clear: fleets avoid the prohibitive upfront costs involved with purchasing hardware and the dash cameras are covered by a lifetime hardware warranty. For as long as a business maintains its partnership with SureCamthe hardware, software and data subscription are all included within SureCam’s monthly service. Conversely, if a business purchased the hardware upfront, it could bare the risk of replacement costs should hardware fail out of warranty. 

SureCam’s History as a Fleet Video Leader in the UK 

SureCam, the UK’s first and largest connected dash cam provider, got its start providing connected dash camera solutions to large self-insured enterprise fleets. With self-insured fleets carrying the burden of cash liability for incidents, SureCam delivered significant, tangible return on investment for these customers with a proven 50% reduction in claims costs. 

As connected dash camera technology started to be more widely adopted, insured fleets took interest in the advantages of having near-real time access to fleet video and the resulting safety and operational efficiency benefits from the technologyCloud-connected dash camera technology is vastly different from single purpose SD cardbased dash cameras and the time-consuming burden they place on businesses to retrieve dash cam video in the event of an incident. 

Helping SME fleets meet their goals

SureCam introduced the dash camera rental model to successfully meet the needs of the SME market, which accounts for approximately 90% of commercial vehicles operating in the UK today. 

“We are taking a fundamentally different approach in the market today. We are no longer asking our customers to enter expensive up-front purchase contracts or interest-bearing lease arrangements with third party funders,” explains White. “We provide fleets with video and associated software solutions which is what we do exceptionally well. We do this through our affordable monthly rental model.” 

Want to see if the SureCam rental model is right for your fleet? The SureCam team is here to help answer your questions.